The Brickpit Ring Walk. Homebush Bay, Sydney, Australia

Before the Sydney Olympics (best Olympics ever, don’tcha know?) in 2000, the Homebush Bay area was basically a toxic dump marshland that had been polluted for the past 100 years by various heavy industries.  Much of the site had to have the topsoil removed and it was going to be completely built over. Near the centre of the Olympic site is an old unused brick pit that had been used as a location for the third “Mad Max” movie “Beyond Thunderdome“. It turns out that the water filled brick pit was the habitat of an endangered species of frog, known as the Green and Golden Bell Frog (Litoria aurea). The presence of the rare frog led to the brick pit being preserved as a habitat for the frogs.  Now the brickpit isn’t the prettiest thing to have in the middle of an Olympic park so some money was thrown it’s way and an amazing ring walk was built in the middle of it.


The ring walk, designed by Durbach Block Architects,  is 550m (1800ft) in circumference and 18.5m (60ft) above the ground. The Ring Walk is truly a fantastic solution to preserving habitat whilst still allowing people to enjoy public space. It’s nice to see that our government is starting to realize that cities need to be “livable”. The whole Homebush Bay area is covered with cycling paths and I go cycling at there quite often with my wife, and friend Paul. The brickpit is one my favourite places in the whole of the Olympic park.


 My friend Paul is an aficionadao of technology (otherwise known as “shiny kit syndrome”) and as such he has the latest bright and shiny things, such as a beautifully made folding German bicycle called a “Birdy”.  Everytime I struggle to get my and my wife’s bike in and out of our car I’m jealous of how easily Paul assembles and disassembles his. All very civilised.

Paul and birdy

On a technical note the photos were taken with another of Paul’s shiny things, an I-mate JAMin telephone. Whilst the telephone doesn’t take as good photos as my camera, it had the advantage of being with us, as opposed to my camera, which was sitting at home.

4 thoughts on “The Brickpit Ring Walk. Homebush Bay, Sydney, Australia”

  1. Good article, you well describe the brickpit. Only one problem… cycling is prohibited within the ring & there are several prominent signs! Sorry mate.

  2. Wazzab

    Thanks for dropping by.

    We didn’t ride our bikes on the ring. We just walked our bikes around. We didn’t have bike locks with us so we didn’t want to leave our bikes alone and unsecured.

  3. best Olympics ever, don’tcha know?

    Yes Razz, Aussies loves sports so the ought to organise a World Championship Soccer. If Oz organise Soccer, it will be the best. And about bike locking, in the Netherlands, especailly in Amsterdam, bikelocks are a challange, due to the high number of biketheft.


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