Skinhead party. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 1988

Back in 1988 I was invited to a 21st birthday party for a skinhead.  The party was at a friend of a friend of a friend’s place and I was definitely the outsider. Immanent alcohol fueled violence was in the air and hard-core needle drug use was in the bathroom. I would’ve taken more photos but a few guys made it clear that I shouldn’t and most of the shots that I did get were of people giving me the finger or sticking their tongues out.




Kodak had just released a new film, TMZ that could be pushed to 6400 ISO and still record adequate detail in low light. I knew that I wouldn’t be able walk around and causally take my time taking shots so I used an 18mm lens set at hyperfocal distance and maximum aperture with the camera body set for shutter priority.

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