Cliff dwellers. West of Lee’s Ferry, Arizona, USA

It’s starkly beautiful country out near Lee’s Ferry. The land has very little vegetation and the soil underneath ranges from pink to orange. It’s the sort of land that beggars the question of how do people make a living out there? The population density is so low that I imagine that it would be a lonely life. Perhaps that’s why people move out there, to get away from the teaming masses.

If the architecture of the houses that they live in is any indicator, I’d say that they are certainly individuals who are following the beat of a different drummer to most other people. It is disconcerting to see how closely some of the houses have been built to the cliffs with all the loose rock above.

Cliff dwellers.jpg

Lee’s ferry was named after John D. Lee who led the infamous “The Mountain Meadows Massacre” where Mormons with the help of local Utes wiped out a party of settlers from the east.

Juanita Brooks has written a fascinating book titled “The Mountain Meadows Massacre” (strangely enough) which illuminates this dark portion of Moron history. The book is not a Mormon beat up. As a non-Mormon I was almost totally ignorant of their history and Ms. Brooks book very skillfully details the incident and helps me understand why the Mormons moved out west and why they were so fearful at the time.

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