The Museum of Anthropology at UBC, Vancouver, Canada


The Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver is a must see if you are ever on the west coat of Canada. It would have to be one of my favourite museums. Others would include the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City and the Smithsonian in Washington DC.

Model of Haida house front decoration

I’m already predisposed to like First Nations art and the design by Arthur Erickson of the architecture of the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver makes the visit even better for me. An interesting thing that I’ve noticed about the Erickson design is that if you go to the other side of the Burrard Inlet and look across the water at the museum, it looks like the ruin of a Greek temple on a headland. Possibly in-line with some of Albert Speer’s ideas that architecture should be constructed in a way that they would make spectacular ruins in the distant future. Arthur Erickson seems to have gone a little further in that his building, at a certain angle, looks like a temple from the classical age.  I’ve been there many times and I’ll go there again, next time I’m in Vancouver.

It’s worthwhile going to the museum just to see Bill Reid’s magnificent carving “The Raven and the First Men”.

The Raven and the First Men by Bill Reid

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  1. Razz – I first went to this museum in 1984, while visiting Vancouver for the World’s Fair held there that year. Absolutely loved the place, and have been back at least 6 times since, prior to moving to SE Asia in 1999. Thanks for bringing back the memories not savored for far too long… It’s hard to appreciate how strikingly powerful that “The Raven and the First Men” statue is without understanding how large it is. I stop in now and then, and truly enjoy your blog and photographs; thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for stopping by with the kind words. I’ve gone to check out your website but it’s been under construction for a while. Let me know when it’s up.

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