Conyne Kite. Tallong, NSW, Australia

We’ve been having some storms and lots of rain in the Sydney area over the last several days and today the weather finally relented enough to go kite flying.

My wife and I went down to my in-laws holiday home at Tallong (about 2 hours south of Sydney) for the long weekend. It’s the Queen’s birthday, so we get an annual holiday tacked onto a weekend in June. I guess there has to be some benefit to not being a republic (don’t get me started about the referendum as I’m still disgusted that we didn’t vote to be a republic). Since the wind was blowing fairly hard we took our Conyne Kite for a fly.

Conyne kite over Tallong.jpg

Conyne kite over Tallong.jpg

Conyne kite over Tallong.jpg

The Conyne is also known as the French War Kite. The Conyne flies in fairly light breezes; is a reasonably robust design and it’s also easy to make. If you would like to make a Conyne kite, click here for the plans.

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