Tim Allen painting exhibition at Defiance Galllery. Sydney, NSW, Australia

Last night I went to a painting exhibition by Tim Allen at the Defiance Gallery in Enmore Sydney.

Tim Allen with a cold

 This is first solo show Tim has had in over a year. The reason for this is that Tim changed galleries and he has been exhibiting in various mixed shows, most notably his acceptance into this year’s Wynne Prize.

I’ve know Tim for about 15 years and I’ve seen the changes that have taken place in his art over that time. Tim has been exploring mark making and it has been interesting for me as I’ve seen Tim swing from almost pure abstraction to more figurative and the back again. It’s a bit like watching a creative pendulum as he explores an area to then go back a little the other way, only to return again; each time taking a little from each exploration into the next. 

Constantinople 1997
“Constantinople” 1997

Pass 1999
“Pass” 1999

Mt Piddington 2003
“Mt. Piddington” 2003

Tributary 2006
“Tributary” 2006

Noth Lawson 2007
“North Lawson (Em with stroller)” 2007

In Tim’s latest work he has used oil stick in combination with oil paint to combine both drawing and painting. If you want to see more of Tim’s work click here.

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