Homestay in Nagoya Japan

Back in 2005 my wife and I went to Japan and while we were there we went to the Expo in Aichi Prefecture, which is near Nagoya. The Expo wasn’t that good but the highlight of our Japanese trip was a homestay we had with a Japanese family for four days in Nagoya.

The Ohara family

Anyone who has been to Japan will tell you how friendly and nice the Japanese people are. One of the problems with travelling is that one tends to only meet the locals who are involved in commerce and you don’t get to see how they actually live.

The Ohara family at home

Because of the Expo the local government set up a homestay program for overseas visitors. I lived in Japan for a year in the mid seventies and I knew what the Japanese were like but my wife had never been there before. So we thought it would be good idea to do a homestay.  The family we stayed with were the Oharas and they were a delight. The father of the family was a master carpenter and had built the beautifully harmonious traditional Japanese room we stayed in.

They gave us the most beautiful room in the whole house

Me in a traditional Japanese doorway

Mrs Ohara (Satchiko) not only escorted us to the Expo , she also cooked a wide range of Japanese meals for us each day. The youngest daughter, a university student called Yae was a lot of fun at dinner time making faces and playing with nori (dried seaweed).

Yae making faces with nori

Yae also took us to Kyoto by bullet train and showed us around the city.  All in all, our homestay was an excellent way to for us to not only meet some extremely nice people but to also experience Japanese culture.

I’d highly recommend a homestay to anyone going to Japan.

2 thoughts on “Homestay in Nagoya Japan”

  1. The Ohara Family says hi to you.
    Especially, my younger sister, Yae who still loves to play with Nori from time to time….

  2. Aya

    So nice to hear from you! Both my wife and I had a great time at your parent’s house and have told many people how wonderful your family is.

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