Vermillion Cliffs and the Navajo bridge. Arizona, USA

On the highway southeast from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon the highway passes through the spectacular Vermillion Cliffs on the way to Lee’s crossing

Vermillion Cliffs Arizona 

Also in the area and of particular interest to my wife as she is an engineer, is the Navajo Bridge.

Navajo bridge Arizona

The Navajo bridge is a single arch steel span of 834ft (about 250 m) long and its 467 ft (about 140 m) in height from the river.  In one word, spectacular!

4 thoughts on “Vermillion Cliffs and the Navajo bridge. Arizona, USA”

  1. Hi Razz – Last time I was at Navajo Bridge, just happened to be there when some guys were bungy jumping off of it… way back when that particular bit of fun was just getting started. It was amazing watching those yahoos jump and bounce and bounce and bounce!!! They had a pulley arrangement set up they bolted to the railing with a rope through it and tied off to a 4WD truck. After they quit bouncing, they guys on the bridge would toss down the rope, the folks on the bungy would tie it off to thier harness, and the truck would slowly back up and haul them back to the top!

    Anyway, as usual, great photos, mate!!!

    PS – as you said you went there before, I have a much expanded album up now… and more to come over the next week or so.

  2. Thanks for dropping by again. I had a look at your gallery. Very nicely presented. Goes to show how much Cambodia has changed since I was there. I would’ve never guessed that one could make a living taking photos over there.

    It’s all starting to look so normal with pool side shots at hotels and weddings. I’m glad to see it happening as I feel the Cambodians are such a decent people (at least htey were when I was there) that I’d like to see them be happy again.

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