Too much of a mediocre thing. Eating in America

I was just reading a blog from the States, and it was about a diner in Oregon that serves ridiculously large pancakes.  The image in the post, reminded me of the many times that I have been to America and how I am usually disappointed with the food that I get served at restaurants over there.  Of course there are some great restaurants in America, but the trouble is, there are so many more that aren’t.  One gets the impression that some marketing genius has decided volume surpasses quality.  It reminds me of that old joke from the rag trade, “never mind the quality feel the width”.

I took this picture of a meal that my wife and I ordered at a restaurant in Page Arizona, because it reminded me of a humorous little book called “Never eat anything bigger than your head”.

Never drink anything bigger than your head

On a more serious note, we had ordered some margaritas and you can see the size of the drinks that we received and they were strong.  

As in most small towns, Page has very poor public transport infrastructure, and it strikes me as irresponsible that such large drinks are served to people who have no other way of getting home other than their own transport.  In my minds eye, I can imagine getting pulled over by the police, and being booked after a breath test and protesting that I’d only had one drink as I’m taken away!

As Ludwig Mies van der Rohe once said “less is more”.

4 thoughts on “Too much of a mediocre thing. Eating in America”

  1. Amen! I live in the United States and I couldn’t agree more. Its just ridiculous the huge quantity of mediocre food you get served here. Its no wonder we North Americans are suffering an epidemic of obesity. Not to mention the waste that gets left behind.

    My girlfriend and I almost always split a meal when we go out. Not only is it the right amount, we save a lot of money that way and still can enjoy desert now and then.

  2. Thanks for dropping by. Here in Australia we also have an epidemic of obesity (I’m living proof).

    Here in Sydney there plenty of excellent restaurants but alas, it’s a very different matter out in the country where large servings of very greasy food rules.

  3. G’day from Germany,

    First of all, I love Australia! But the photo reminds me on my never-ending surprise that Lasagna was always served with a huge helping of chips. The Lasagna alone was always enough.

  4. Yeah, chips with lasagna is wierd.

    As a general rule (with a few notable exceptions), the further one gets away from the big cities here in Australia the worse the food gets.

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