Lumpini night market. Bangkok, Thailand. September 2007

One of the best deals in Bangkok is the Lumpini night markets. Not only is there a huge market selling just about anything that one could imagine, there is also free live entertainment and great food.

After a hot day sight-seeing there is nothing better than a fruit smoothie and the Thais make the best I’ve ever had.


 The fruit is ripe when it is sold (unlike the green fruit we tend to get sold here in Australia) so the flavours are divine.

Off to one side of the night markets is a large area that is set up a bit like an Oktoberfest tent except it’s in the open air.  There is a retractable roof in case it rains.


 Lots of seating in front of a large stage with women coming around selling drinks.


All around the seating area are food stalls


 that serve up, in a flash, some of the best Thai food you’ll ever taste, at prices that are better than reasonable.


And to top it all off, there is live Thai pop music.


 The atmosphere was great. The markets aren’t just for tourists and I couldn’t help but think that I’d love to see such a thing here in Sydney.

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