Mike Stasse is concerned about peak oil. Cooran, QLD, Australia

Mike Stasse is one of my oldest friends (here in Australia) and he is the owner of the “Running on empty Oz“, peak oil discussion group. “Peak oil” refers to the imminent decline of oil production.


Mike and his wife Glenda have moved to beautiful Cooran in Queensland and are getting ready for what they see as the inevitable chaos that will result from the shortage of oil by becoming self-sufficient. Two years ago, my wife and I visited Mike and Glenda on their land as Mike was still building the outside of their self-designed and built home.

the unfinished exterior. Photo by Mike Stasse

 We stayed with them for about three days. During our time together we were shown their permaculture garden,


solar electricity system (they sell electricity to the power company when they have excess) and various other ecologically sustainable systems that have installed, such as:

  • A simple off the shelf greywater system that uses no power
  • A kitchen greasetrap that works with compost and worms, no odours, no maintenance to speak of 
  • A zero flush toilet that saves thousands of litres water a year

It is a lovely house in a beautiful setting. The picture below was taken from the back window at sunrise, looking out towards Mt. Cooran.


It takes courage and commitment to do what Mike and Glenda are doing. The sort of courage and commitment that I sometimes wish I had, but I will be instituting some of their ideas into our next house we buy later on this year.

3 thoughts on “Mike Stasse is concerned about peak oil. Cooran, QLD, Australia”

  1. Hi razzbuffnik

    I came across this old post of yours when you were here all those years ago…. and it’s amazing how changed everything is!

    Our veggie plot is now huge (200m2) and we have goats and pigs. I even made goat cheese last year, but unfortunately my best milker mysteriously curled her toes up recently and I’m not sure if I’ll persevere until I get a replacement. We had an amazing glut of pumpkins and leeks, and the best broccoli ever. We’ve even had globe artichokes! After all these years tending our totally organic soil, it’s starting to really pay off.

    We recently installed an extra 2.2kW of solar panels “just as an investment”, and after just one month we’ve made $150 profit from out $6500 capital cost. http://damnthematrix.wordpress.com/

  2. I am a big fan of Mr. Stasse from the early days of The Compact. It’s nice to read an update on his work.

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