The roller-coaster at Luna Park, St. Kilda, Melbourne, Vic. Australia

On my recent trip to Melbourne I passed Luna Park (an old amusement park opened in 1912) in St. Kilda on the way to Acland Street and I thought it might be good to get a photo of the entrance.

The entrance to Lunar Park in St. Kilda

As I walked through the car park along the side of Luna Park I noticed the wooden roller coaster and how unsafe it looked (to my untrained eyes at least). Quite a few of the upright timbers of the supporting structure looked as though they were beginning to split. The ends of the many of the cross members were rotting and the bolts fastening them to the uprights appeared to be fairly rusty. I took a few pictures and I can assure you that most of the timber work where I stood looked like what  you see in the three photos below.

The timberwork of the Lunar Park roller coaster

I didn’t have to hunt around to get these shots, they were in plain view as there were so many choices of ratty looking timberwork to choose from.

When I was a kid I thought that those old style roller coasters were dangerous and I didn’t like going on them because I feared that they’d fall apart when I was on them. After looking at the roller coaster at Luna Park, I wouldn’t get on one even if a gun was held at my head.

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  1. Gladly goes to the front line in Cambodia, but not on a roller-coaster in Melbourne… me thinks that as we get older we become more acutely aware of the possible consequences of our actions.

  2. I too was in Melbourne recently and noticed the appalling condition of the wooden roller coaster at Luna Park. There was heaps of rotting timber and rusting bolts in patterns that seemed to indicate they were patches on the main struts up to the track. Some of the timber was so rotten the bolts seemed to be fastened to nothing. Obviously the proximity of the sea has a lot to do with the condition of this roller coaster but I thought in this day and age of Nazi like council health and safety this thing would be shut down in a flash. I was concerned when I saw the condition of this ride but that was nothing when I saw how much the structure moves when the cars run over it. I am a bit of a speed freak and enjoy a bit of an adrenalin rush but I would never get on this roller coaster!

  3. I Love the Scenic Rollercoaster!! And Luna Park, ever since i was little, ive only had good memories, ive been on the scenic more times then i can remember, Yes it looks old, and yes the track does move when the train goes over it, but thats normal, its ment to move.. thats gravity! I have untrained eyes too but look at all the bracing, I dont think the train will come off any time soon, A little rust just looks bad, when was the last time you heard the track fell down?? Never! Im a speed freak and love adrenalin rushes thats why i go on the scenic, the view is amazing up there!!! Tuffen up boys, Im a chick and ill always get on that rollercoast!! Live alittle boys! =P

  4. Vaughan

    I totally agree with you. No thrill is worth risking one’s life for.

    Live a little!

    If you don’t value your life enough to preserve it, then that’s your business.

  5. I was there last weekend and it is still like that although the ride is now closed for ‘renovations’.

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