Perfect organically grown & vine ripened cherry tomatoes from our garden

Here’s what we’ve just picked in our garden today.

perfect oganically grown tomatoes

We grow our tomatoes without the use of pesticides by tying paper bags over them just as they are starting to form and that keeps off the bugs.

The supermarket chains have really killed off good tasting tomatoes here in Australia and I refuse to buy my vegetables from them anymore.

2 thoughts on “Perfect organically grown & vine ripened cherry tomatoes from our garden”

  1. Very impressive tomatoes- we had a look at your earlier entry with the paper bags) and we were intrigued to hear that the bags don’t disintegrate. One question: are cherry tomatoes susceptible to fruit fly?

    {PS: we’re enjoying the blog. It’s like taking a stroll on a promenade}

  2. Thanks. Yes tomatoes are susceptible to fruit fly. The main pest we get in our garden are these green tomato caterpillars (Helicoverpa armigera) that not only eat the leaves but the tomatoes themselves. The caterpillars will damage every single tomato if they are left alone.

    Glad you’re enjoying the blog. I’m hoping to keep it updated regularly.

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