Around St. Kilda. Melbourne, Vic, Australia

Thanks to some advice that a friend gave us, my wife and I took our bicycles down to Melbourne last week. We stayed at the Victoria Hotel which is right in the middle of downtown Melbourne next to the town hall. Melbourne (as I’ve mentioned before) is a very cycle friendly place. One morning we cycled down to St.Kilda, which was only about a 15 to 20 minute cycle away, to have breakfast.

Melbourne skyline from St.Kilda Pier

St.Kilda has a bit of a mixed reputation amongst the locals. It’s seen as a bit of a tourist destination that is full of poseurs.  Sure enough, St. Kilda has it’s quota of guys making a big display of riding their bikes with arms folded but it’s nowhere near as painful as Venice Beach in Los Angeles which has to be the wanker capitol of the world.

In St. Kilda we enjoyed Acland Street with is lovely old world cake shops; St. Kilda Pier and the ride back to downtown via Kerferd Street which has some very lovely old houses from the Victorian era

Victorian era terrace house

 through the Federation style

Federation era house

and then onto the late Art Nouveau period.

Art Nouveau style from the 1920s

When I was in New Orleans many years ago I thought that too much fuss was made over the few old buildings they had there with “iron lace”. If you like that sort of thing, Australia has much, much more of it in Sydney and Melbourne.

4 thoughts on “Around St. Kilda. Melbourne, Vic, Australia”

  1. Having lived there for years I can definitely vouch for St Kilda being a wanker capital (and if anyone calls me a hypocrite then I’m fine with being included in the statistic even though I have escaped the place).

    Although the three latter photos of your post, Kerferd Road is actually from the suburb of Albert Park. Like St Kilda Albert Park is a truly beautiful Victorian suburb, but are different areas and miles apart. The average house prices is nearly triple in Albert Park, there are tree lined streets, less flats and apartments, less traffic, more grand old homes and better beaches and with none of the crime and drugs problems of St Kilda. If you told people in Albert Park that they lived in St Kilda they wouldn’t be too happy about it, but most St Kilda people would dream about to move up to Middle Park or Albert Park.

    Anyway if you’re into terraced homes, make sure you check out iron lace is not just a Sydney and Melbourne thing, but if you look hard enough you’ll find that we have a very underrated collection of buildings in this style.

  2. Sean

    Thanks for the comment and correction. I guess being on a bike at the time made Albert Park feel like it was “around St Kilda” because it seemed so close.

  3. Out of curiosity, is there anything more you could tell me about that last building you posted. The image died apparently, but I saw a thumbnail and it looked amazing.
    Do you know anything about? Like location, or creator or I don’t know.

    thank you.

  4. Taq

    Image is fine now. To tell the truth I don’t know anytihg about the house as I was just cycling by when I saw it, and because I thought it was so nice I took a photo of it. Sorry.

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