Sri Maha Mariamman Dhevasthanam Hindu temple. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

To western eyes, Hindu temples look very colourful and exotic. So different from the European influenced churches we are used to looking at.

When I was in France I visited the famous Chartres Cathedral and listened to John James (the world renowned expert on Chartres) give a lecture about it. One of the facts that I found very interesting was that the old Gothic churches used to be painted in bright life-like colours just like the Hindu and Buddhist temples are painted nowadays. Apparently researchers have found traces of paint on the old cathedral’s stonework and there are also ancient accounting records still in existence of the of the painting work that was done.

Anyone who has looked at more than a few of my posts will know that I like bright rich colours and I find it a bit sad that the old churches aren’t painted any more (it got too expensive). I’d love to see an old Gothic church painted up like how they did it in the old days. The medieval age was a lot more colourful than I think that many people of today, would imagine.

One thought on “Sri Maha Mariamman Dhevasthanam Hindu temple. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.”

  1. Wow. I’ve missed a week’s worth of posts. Stupid job, taking all my time.

    Amazing detail on this building. And you’re right, I imagined the medieval age to be dark, dingy, and covered in shite.

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