Peter’s new underwater camera housing

My friend Peter has recently bought an underwater housing for his digital camera. Neither Peter or I have done any underwater photography so, since yesterday was Peter’s 50th birthday he took the day off work (I work at home so I can just about take time off whenever I want) and we went to Clovelly beach to try it out.


It’s pretty hard to take photos under water as the viewing screen on the digital camera isn’t really bright enough and the scenery is too low in contrast to make out much detail. The mask also made it impossible to use the veiwfinder so it was just point the camera in the general direction,  push the button and hope the photo will be O.K.

Clovelly has quite a lot of marine life and the fish that live there a fairly tame so it’s pretty easy to get close to them.

peter gets close to a Achoerodus viridis

Even though the fish allow you to get close enough to take a photo they take off after a very short time making it difficult to take a photo. I took about ten photos of the fish (I think it’s a young female Eastern Blue Grouper Achoerodus viridis) in the picture below and only one was any good due to the fact that I couldn’t really see anything useful on the digital screen, so I was just pointing and shooting. Most of my shots were of the blurred fish darting away.

Achoerodus viridis

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