Khaled and Nalan get married.

Last night my wife and I went to the wedding reception of Khaled and Nalan. The reception was held in a large (there were about 260 guests) beautifully decorated room with a live R&B band. Later in the evening, since Nalan is of Turkish descent (Khaled’s parents are from Egypt) there was the tradition of pinning money to the bride and groom.

Khaled and Nalan

It’s a lot easier than shopping around for a wedding present!

Just before midnight the real fun and joy began as the live band packed up and Turkish music was played over the P.A. There had been a fair bit of dancing when the band played but the place (as we say here in Australia) “went off” as the dance floor was jam packed as groups of Turkish  men got up and did their dances. The dances were like a mix of Greek and Cossak dancing.

The boys bust a few moves

The men danced in circles with arms over each other’s shoulders like the Greeks but every now and again one of them would break loose to bust a few moves by bobbing up and down like a Cossak. Every one had a blast and it was a great wedding reception.

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