9 thoughts on “Looking through a window with stencil graffiti. Bankok, Thailand. 2007”

  1. Planetross.

    Me too! I just wish there was more of the clever stuff instead of the garden variety vandalism that’s trying to pass itself off as art.


    It just blows me away how apt it is. It was raining and there is this guy with a box on his head walking across the road. It just stunned me.

  2. Hey! Yahoooooo! I want to leave a comment on your dinner entry (first thing I checked for this morning when I got up!) but it says “currently responses are closed”. Is your hangover that bad? One bottle wine per guest would do it.

  3. Pat

    It looks like I clicked on the wrong box when I was writing the dinner post. It’s been a strange one because I put the post up and then it was gone but saved as a draft.

    Anyhow, I’ve put it up again and I’ve ticked the right boxes now so I hope it’s all OK now.

  4. Great shot, and also great graffiti. Some of them are really in the street art domain and belong to the modern urban visual experience. But as you say, not all of them. It inspired me to post some of my recent shots.

    Am a bit curious about the box on the head though :)

  5. Grass

    Iwas glas to see some Slovenian stencils. Thanks for putting them up. We don’t hear or see much about Slovenia here in Australia.

    Maybe he’s got a box on his head because it was raining. Or maybe it’s his disguise as he goes to stick up a bank!

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