I have dark feelings towards scraper sites, leeches and spammers.

I bought a 10mm-20mm lens (Sigma) yesterday and today as I was walking outside I looked up and thought, “I think I better get a shot of this”.  So I went back upstairs and took a couple of pictures to stitch together in Photoshop. Poor old Photoshop doesn’t like having to stitch such wide angle shots but at least it’s better than Photostich by Cannon that I was using before.

The darkness of the clouds mirrors my feelings towards scraper sites leeches spammers who are the scourges of the internet

I really resent having to put a watermark on such shots but past experience with those shit-bag scraper sites and leeches have forced my hand. As a matter of fact, I’d like to see all those creeps (including spammers) just crawl off to do the world a favour and top themselves.

8 thoughts on “I have dark feelings towards scraper sites, leeches and spammers.”

  1. My. My. My.

    This photograph is totally wonderful. Wonder. Full.

    And, I didn’t know the official name for these leeches and scrapers but have seen them come up on my blog information. What does the watermark do? How do you put a watermark on your image?

    But, that info is secondary to the photograph. Really something.

  2. Yes, I just learned something, too. When I look at the statistics for my website, I find many people coming for one image that they found somewhere. It confuses me. They don’t look around the site, don’t stay at all. They are simply there and gone. It is odd to me.

  3. Pat


    The watermark is the writing I put with the URL so it identifies where the image came from. I do it Photoshop and it has no other use other than to discourage people from using the image on their sites without some effort or expertise.


    Sometimes those quick visits are the search engine “bots” checking out the site.

    I found out things were wrong when my server (I don’t used the wordpress server, just their blog software)contacted me to tell me that I needed to buy more bandwidth. After a bit of investigation I found that various shit-bags had linked to my pictures to provide their own sites with content. Some other arseholes had lifted entire articles and placed them on their own sites as their content.

    To combat this, I now use an anti-leech plug-in (I think it was on my server)so leeches can’t link to my images and steal my bandwidth. Also I don’t name my images with words that mean anything so Google Image picks them up. For example I used to have an image named “tattoo” and some days I was getting over 1500 of people leeching the image directly without accessing the article. Google analytics helps to monitor what people are looking at and how long they stay on a page.

    And lastly I put a watermark on all my photos now.

    I just wish I could actually get my hands on those jerks or better yet……

  4. Gorgeous shot!

    What do you photograph with a 10-20mm? I have no idea what I would do with such a lens!

    These is something called Digimark which lets you put a digital watermark on the photographs you post. If a leech steels your image and posts it, you will know the exact location. Not that it would make a lot of difference. It is not as if you would sue them, right?

  5. Nat

    Thanks for letting me know about Digimark. Do you use it?

    The telephoto lenses favoured by portrait photographers quite often isolate the subject from their background by the use of wide apertures that reduce depth of field (as you already know).
    I like very wide angle lenses because they enable me to show a subject within a context.

    Back when I first started of in photography (about 1971) my favorite lens was my 135mm and I used to love taking photos of people in the street with it. I loved the way it isolated and therefore drew attention to the subject.

    As time went on and I started thinking more about what I wanted to communicate with my photos I felt the desire to contexturalize my subjects. Back in the late 1980’s up until I stopped using film cameras in about 1995, I used to have an 18mm lens and it was my favourite lens. I just love the way one can capture, not only the subject but also the reactions of other people around them.

    Here’s a few examples of some of the shots I took with it.


  6. Ha!Ha! You’ve got naked boobies on your earlier posts! How prurient! Well maybe not in that case! Wild!!!

    I still think that portrait photography requires at least a 35mm. You have got distortion on a lot of these shots and I think you could still have shown quite a lot of context with a narrower lens. Don’t get me wrong, you are right, these images do show context and atmosphere, but I do not consider that portrait photography. If showing the scene is as important, if not more important than the subject, and you compromise perspective and lines, this is more about photo-journalism than portraiture. This is just my humble opinion of course.

    I might use something like that for one specific shot, but I would get tired of the lens very quickly if I had to use it all the time.

    I do not use Digimark. I would if I could do something about leeches using my images. Most of the time, you do not even know where they are located or even who they are. What would be the point? Now I would get really pissed off if one of my photographs was used in print without my consent. I would definitely do something about that.

    Please have another water pistol party and share with us. Godspeed!

  7. Nat

    I agree that those images aren’t portraits. To be honest I’m not that interested in staight portraits as such, but I am interested in people and what they are doing and where they do it. Some of my favourite photographers are Gary Winogrand, Gilles Perez (his book “Telex Iran” is incredible) and Alfred Eisenstadt.

    As for leeches, I’ve been approached several times by people wanting to use some of my images in books but as soon as I’ve said that I’d expect some payment, I never hear from them again. There’s one guy that I’m going to keep my eye on because I just have an inkling that he’s going to try and use the images anyway. Thank goodness they’re only 72dpi.

    As you probably already know, there are lots of people who have no idea what goes into making images and they think it’s just pushing the button and they can’t see why photographs cost what they do.

    The images from the water pistol party come from my very wild years or as one friends calls them, my “dark ages”. I was a very wild and bad lad back then, running with some fairly salty characters. I’ve calmed way down from those times, so there won’t be such “intersting” images comming out of my parties anymore. As a matter of fact, I don’t really throw parties anymore and I much more prefer throwing dinner parties instead. It’s much more civilized but way less interesting to photograph.

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