Urban decay on Parramatta Road. Camperdown, Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Parramatta Road, which runs from Sydney to Parramatta (about 20km or 14 miles) has to be one of the ugliest roads in Australia.  Due to the constant increasing demands of automobile traffic, the road has been widened to such an extent that the old storefronts had to remove the supporting posts of their overhanging balconies because of the dangers to cars hitting them.  Most of the old balconies were converted to non-load bearing awnings instead.

Old shops left to decay on Parramatta Rd

What were once characterful, late 19th century buildings have been reduced to shattered ghosts of their original forms.  To compound such a sad state of affairs for the store owners, the widening of the road also has removed any kerbside parking, making it very difficult for shoppers as there is no nearby parking.  So many of the businesses along Parramatta Road have suffered to the point that they are no longer viable and many have been left to decay.

10 thoughts on “Urban decay on Parramatta Road. Camperdown, Sydney, NSW, Australia.”

  1. Tony

    I’m with you there. I particularly hate tagging. I’d love to do some of my own tagging on the vandals with a baseball bat.

    The only graffiti that I’ve got any time for is stencil graffiti, but even then it had better be good. Unfortunately it usually isn’t.

  2. This is kind of weird for me. Do you live near Parramatta? I spent heaps of my time in Australia in Kings Langley near Parramatta. Followed the team, took the river boat, even was brave enough to regularly go to Black town LOL. I remember that road. Glad to know some things don’t change. Amazing picture by the way.

  3. Thanks to the joys of capitalism and greed, you’ll all be happy to learn that this terribly ugly, obviously in a state of disrepair, hideous piece of Sydney history with all it’s horrible design and undesirability, has been pulled down.

    But you needn’t worry…

    In it’s place will grow a true architectural masterpiece with all it’s modern touches. Picture this: rendered concrete blocks probably painted a light shade of grey. The roof is slanted and is a mixture of glossy blue corrugated iron sections intercepted by bright yellow exposed structural beams. There will be no balconies just large tinted windows in random areas of the angular walls.

    Just perfect.


  4. This façade almost had the opportunity to be restored to its former glory which could have been great for that stretch of road especially because it is close enough to the city to still gain foot traffic. They could have made it beautiful again but it is instead now demolished to build apartments which will add absolutely no value to the street front, it will simply isolate and intimidate passers by even more than it currently does.

  5. Leah

    Thanks for stopping by. I think so much of the ugliness in Sydney is caused by the government’s short sighted policy of building more roads and refusing to invest in more public transport like rail.

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