Wentworth Falls. NSW, Australia

On the weekend, my wife and I went to visit some friends of ours in Wentworth Falls, which is about an hour’s drive west of Sydney in the blue Mountains. Our friends have a house which is only about five minutes easy walking to Wentworth Falls (a total drop of 187 m or 614 ft) in the photograph the below. 

wentworth Falls

With their local knowledge, our friends took us walking for several hours along the cliff line so we could get much better views than are usually available to people who just follow the groomed national park tracks.  The falls are on the edge of the Blue Mountains National Park, which is joins up with two other national parks, the Kanangra, and the Wollemi (where the prehistoric Wollemi Pine was discovered), which when you join them all up together cover a larger area than the country of Belgium.  The whole area is listed as a World Heritage Wilderness area.  It is a truly vast and ancient place. In years past, I’ve climbed many of the cliffs and I’ve been on many overnight hiking trips in the valleys below. 

The Blue Mountains National Park is vast.

On the top of the ridges, strong winds blow constantly, and the soil is very poor making it very difficult for many plants to thrive.  The vegetation that can survive such torturous conditions, tend to be shrubs no higher than a metre or two, which have either very thin water conserving leaves or prickles. 


In the more protected and wetter valleys below, very tall eucalypts such as the blue gum thrive.


Hiking in the blue Mountains is a bit different to walking in many other parts of the world, because most people tend to start in the low lands and walk uphill into the mountains, but in the blue Mountains you start at the top and you walk down into the valleys.  The reason for this is because the road follows the ridges. It’s very rugged and steep terrain, therefore quite of few people have been lost, because they have underestimated how rough the country is and overestimated their fitness and abilities. 

Looking outwestward to Mt Solitary

In most parts of the world, the common wisdom is that if you get lost you follow the rivers out to the sea.  If you were to do that in the Blue Mountains National Park, you would probably starve as it would take a fit person about two weeks to follow the rivers through very dense bush out to the coast.  If you are ever lost in the blue Mountains, the best strategy to get yourself out of trouble is to head east and walk uphill to the ridges so you can meet up with the highway.

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  1. Hm, Razz, this definitely looks dramatic and utterly attractive. Makes me want to visit the Down Under again and get lost in these Blue Mountains of yours.

  2. Robert.

    Welcome back I hope you had a good trip. Yes the Blue Mountains have a lot to offer people like yourself and I’m sure you would love the place.

  3. This is a dramatic world. Also, what subtle colors in those shrubs! Were you on a path or hanging on to a rock taking these pictures? It’s like you are hanging off a cliff. That last shot shows another reason for a wide angle lens. The sky in a wide angle is always so much more detailed and deep in color. Or, at least, that is how it seems to me.

  4. Pat

    The colours of the Australian bush can seem a little drab to many people at first, but it does have it’s own harsh beauty that reveals itself over time.

    Most of the shots were taken right at the cliff edge.

    I love wide angle lenses as they show so much of the sky. The bottom shot was taked with my new lens at 10mm. I took three bracketed shots (+2 and -2 stops) of the scene on a tripod (to maintain perfect registration)and blended them in photoshop as the contrast range was way too wide for one shot to capture because I was shooting into the sun which was behind the clouds and they would’ve blown right out.

  5. Duuude, are you picking on Belgium again? I think those trees would cover Luxembourg very nicely and just as well, not to mention Lesotho, Albania, Burundi or East Timor. Belgium is persecuted and misunderstood.
    Nice shots – I prefer when you post photographs of scantily clad chicks holding water pistols but these are nice too.

  6. Matt

    Thanks and I’ll be checking out your blog every now and again.


    From what I’ve seen of your blog, you’d fit right in here.


    Australia has it’s moments that’s for sure but it’s the people who really make it a great place.


    The Blue Mountains is one of my favourite places near Sydney I’ve been up there hundreds and hundreds of times and I’ve got several friends up there that I can stay with.


    Belgium again? When have I picked on Belgium? I love chocolate, ergo, I love Belgium. For a leather-clad, pistol shooting Texan, you sure are a sensitive little thing. If it makes you feel any better, I’m going back-country skiing in a national park that’s bigger than Switzerland on the 11th. I once went through a cattle station (ranch) in South Australia that’s bigger than England. I love the idea that we have parks etc larger than whole countries.

    Those photographs you refer to are what I would call my style and they are what I prefer to have known as my work but this blog is about my life. What I’ve done in the past (all the dumb things)and what I’m doing at the present.

    As I note on my “about” page this isn’t really a photoblog and many of my photos here are just snaps (after all, what else is a landscape shot other than, be there and push the button?), recording what I’ve been up to lately. If I was to only post what I think are my best images, my output would decrease to a mere trickle of a few a year.

    I’ve also been putting up shots of Oz lately because I know it’s a place that most people around the world don’t know that much about but might find interesting.

  7. Razz, I don’t know which is better – the post or your reply comment to Nat. I love the bit about going skiing in a National Park bigger than Switzerland. Just how many people will be able to get their heads around that? The size of Australia is absolutely awesome in the true sense of the word, with incredible variation in landscape and scenery. Your posts make me hanker for a visit. Oh, and I’ll be bringing my fire extinguisher!

  8. Epic

    Thanks. If you drop by, there’s no need to bring an extinguisher as I keep one in the kitchen. I’ve also got a fire blanket near by as well, just in case.

  9. Razz- these photos could induce vertigo from my desk chair.
    Displaying ” huge ” somehow loses in photographs but I can sure grasp how high, how big, how rugged your part of the world is.

    I admire the design elements you focus on in your photos.

  10. Hello: I would like to contact with “Razz” about the bentwood cradle of the Victoria National Museum. Does he has a biger photo? Thank you

  11. I have historical photographs of this cradle that I would like to share. It is a Jacob & Josef Kohn furniture probably exhibited in Melbourne in 1881.

  12. The Blue Mountains are a magical place! Is that the fall you can get to with the cable car? I think we’ve been there – it’s spectacular!

  13. Nava

    Welcome and thanks for dropping by.

    No, you can just walk to it. I’ve never been to any falls in the Blue Mountains that you get to by cable car. To be honest, I don’t trust cable cars so I don’t go on them.

  14. I’m going to have to introduce your blog to my old man. I love the pride all your pictures bring. And they’re all justified too! I lived in Australia for about 6 years from when I was 18. Been back many times too. Your blog header “All the dumb things”. That’s not from Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls is it? I’ve jammed with him before. He’s one of my all time fav’s. Next to Crowed House who I’ve also had the opportunity to jam with (back stage). The two biggest highlights musically I’ve ever had LOL.
    Kelly Pettit

  15. Kelly

    I thought up the name “All the dumb things” many years ago when I was living in Canada (before I’d even heard of Paul Kelly) and a good friend of mine said that I should write about “all the dumb things” that I’ve done. My wife actually got me to start writting about it.

    Paul Kelly is a giant and his song is great but it’s about love (congrats for jamming with him by the way). My “all the dumb things” is about my stupidity and how I’m lucky to be alive. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll write some words that fit my story and ask Paul to sing it for me in some kind of cross promotional deal…….

    A one!
    A two!
    A three!

    Welcome, strangers, to the blog
    I’m the one who should getting a flog
    I had my brain shut, mouth in gear
    So oblivious to the danger, strayed too near
    In my youth, in my youth, at the beginning of my life
    I jumped right into life’s circus ring
    I’ve done all the dumb things

    Caught malaria, smashed the bike
    Went to a war zone and nearly got killed,
    Wandered everywhere, with no plan
    From pillar to post wanting to be thrilled
    In my youth, in my youth, at the beginning of my life
    I jumped right into life’s circus ring
    I’ve done all the dumb things

    So I passed through all those places
    Meeting the minds behind those faces
    I had my brain shut, mouth in gear
    So oblivious to the danger, strayed too near
    In my youth, in my youth, at the beginning of my life
    I jumped right into life’s circus ring
    I’ve done all the dumb things
    I fought the cop’s and felt their sting
    I’ve done all the dumb things
    I callously tore the odd heart string
    I’ve done all the dumb things
    I just wish I had the voice to sing
    I’ve done all the dumb things

  16. I am glad to hear that “all the dumb things” is yours! I’ve had moments in my life where famous people have stolen the rug from underneath me, too! LOL! your poem sums it all up nicely! I would love to convert that into a song if I find inspiration and if you give the thumbs up! Brilliant stuff there.

    Keep taking brilliant photos from your perspective! I love it!

  17. Hey, That’s Brilliant! You’ve missed your calling. I just grabbed my guitar and played the song and replaced the words. They fit! Have to sing an MP3 version and email it to you lol. That’s a nice one minute summary of all the dumb things you’ve done. I bet you could write a 12 minute version and still need to edit the song down.
    Good stuff!

  18. Kelly

    Thanks for dropping by again.

    I was surprised that the domain of allthedumbthings.com was still avaiable for me to pick up. Paul Kelly can have ivedoneallthedumbthings.com

    I’m glad you caught on that the words I wrote go with Mr Kelly’s music and I’d love to hear it. It’s too bad about all the copyright issues because I’d love to see you perform it on video and put it up on Youtube so I could imbed the video here on this bolg.

    And you’re right I could easily write a twelve minute version.

    By the way do you have an actual blog or is the link to your MySpace pages it?

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