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  1. One on his cellphone, the other with his camera and out of the frame is another camper with his flash. Where’s the fire, people?? And, a table for god’s sake!!

  2. You know flashpacking, backpacking with digital camaras, gamecomputers and mobile phones such as the iPhone or BlackBerry, even with expensive dresses for the girls. At the picture, we see an example of flashcamping, camping with digital cameras, gamecomputers and mobile phones.

    Today, we have an other example of glamping, but I called it Champagne Camping, Caviar Camping, Champagne & Caviar Camping or Salon Camping. In my mother tongue Dutch I called it “salonkamperen”. It’s camping with luxury caravans equipped with dishwashers, fixed bed, satellite TV, chip pan, microwave oven. At large five star campings suited with several shops, restaurants, sporting facilities, with disco, subtropical swimming paradise. Actually a resort without hotelrooms, you have to bring your own five star room, but it’s not necessary to leave the resort because the resort have all what you need.

    Not my piece of cake :)


  3. Joost

    Luckily many places that I go camping are so far away from the cities that there is no mobile phone reception. Needless to say separating teenage boys from their portable video games is something that many parents don’t want to do because it would mean that they’d have to interact with their kids.

    The whole concept of what you call “Champagne Camping” has always been a bit of a mystery to me. I just can’t understand the attraction of driving such a huge bus-like vehicle and thinking it was some kind of holiday. I had to laugh when I was in southern Spain last year and I kept on seeing these two huge campers (they were about the size of touring buses) from Sweden clogging up the tiny little back roads of Andalusia. I was in a Renault Cleo and a lot of the streets and roads in the area seemed very narrow and I had quite a few near misses with other traffic. Driving a bus through such areas would’ve been more of a nightmare than a holiday.

  4. Razz, many parents wants time for themselves and can’t interact with their children. Especially the women who becomes princesses. And several Aussie Outback unsurfaced roads are broad compared with many tarmac surfaced roads in Europe. See Corsica, Italy, Spain, France, even the UK or Ireland. Despate continious road improvement in Europe, we’ve still small narrow winding roads throughout the continent unsuitable for huge campers size touring bus or Stupid Urban Vehicles (SUVs) like Hummers. The narrow winding roads are good enough for Japanese Kei Cars or the other Japanese and European economy cars such as the Citroen C1/Toyota Aygo/Peugeot 107. Cheap but still comfortable economy cars who consumes low fuel, 1 litre for 17 to 20 km. No fuel guzzlers who consumes in old Imperial Units 1 gallon per mile car, equal to 1 liter to 5 km. We have expensive fuel and can’t pay fuel for fuel guzzlers.

    And Champagne Camping sucks, but luckily a few weeks ago my holiday was far from those sites too. My camping was ride a bike from campsite to campsite, sleeping in a tent. The campsites were only equipped with good sanitair and a green pitch for the tents and that was that, no extras.

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