6 thoughts on “On the Monaro Plain. Near Breadbo, NSW, Australia”

  1. The trees are now the color of the nearby stones. (Those are stones, right?) At any rate, the weather conditions must be amazing on this spot of Planet Earth. You are the one who should start Weather Art, the Series.

  2. The trees were actualy a little greyer than the stone but the low afternoon sun cast everything in a golden light. It is a pretty beautiful part of the world (in a rugged and harsh sort of way). The photos in the last four posts all were taken on my recent trip down to the snow.

  3. Just a quick note: apologies for not being a consistent visitor at the moment. Things in London are a bit “tits up” as they say here. We are not immune. Promise to be back on form as soon as things quiet down a bit… Love to you and Engogirl

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