Our new folding bikes.

Next year my wife and I will be spending about three months in Europe. We will lease a new car in France and drive through Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Spain and Portugal. One of our plans is to spend a couple of weeks cycling down the Rhine and Moselle rivers. Although bikes can be hired in Germany to do these rides it’s not that cheap and we figured that it would be a time consuming hassle to return the bikes to their place of rental, plus it would be nice to use the bikes in some of the smaller towns we’ll visit.

A good friend of mine, Paul has a very high quality folding bike and he travels overseas on business frequently and sometimes he takes his bike with him. For example, Paul was in England last week and he rode his bike around Oxford for a couple of days. It’s Paul’s enthusiasm for folding bikes that helped us to decide to buy two of them for our up coming trip. The fact that the bikes were on sale was icing on the cake. 

Today we went cycling at Homebush Bay with our new bikes.

Engogirl and her new BendR

The picture below shows our two folded bikes in the back of our car. Normally I have to put down my back seats so I can fit one bicycle into the car, but as you can see, our folding bikes don’t take up much space.

The folding bikes in the back of our car

The bikes are also extremely quick to un-fold and it only takes about 30 seconds to do so.

Engogirl shows how easy it is to get the bikes ready to ride

10 thoughts on “Our new folding bikes.”

  1. Love the bikes!

    Are the tires standard size, just in case they need to be repaired or replaced? Just thinking ahead here. (surprisingly for some reason).
    The trip sounds great!!

  2. Fantastic idea, Razz! It’ll be so much more convenient, as you say. Depending on when and where next year, it would be great to try and meet. Perhaps I could pop across to see you both in France? Just a thought… No cooking required.

  3. Years ago, my wife and I took a trip by barge through some of southern france. On board, they had some folding bikes that were built in Poland. For some reason, the crew on the barge always referred to them as “Polish, folding bikes” and now, that’s all I can think of when ever I see them! Yours look FAR nicer than the ones we used though. I seem to remember ours being a bit shaky and none too trust inspiring.

    Do you have your itinerary picked out yet?

    -Turkish Prawn

  4. Planetross

    The tires are the same size as BMX tires.


    We will be in Europe (hopefully ) around about this time. Engogirl is looking for a conference so her job will pay one of the airfares. There is a slim possibility that we might have to go the London to Engogirl’s company office there. It would be great to meet up.


    What kind of Texan are you if you wear leather clothing, shoot pistols but don’t drive a gigantic pickup or SUV? Have those cunning Belgians and their chocolate covered ways messed with your sensibilities?


    We have a rough idea where we will go but to be honest, we change our plans on a weekly basis. We also don’t tend to travel with a set itinerary and we like to drift around to where ever takes our fancy. We will definitely do the cycling part of the trip.

    We will also be meeting up with my parents (who live in Canada and my step father was born in Germany) in Bavaria for about a week.

    Slovenia is also a place we will go so we can meet up with a fellow blogger from there (on the way to Venice).


    My wife is also keen to check out Madrid because the company she works for has an office there, and we’re thinking that we might go and live in Spain for a few years as we like Spanish culture and can get by in the language.

    Since my mother was born in England I’m eligible for a British passport and that means I can live and work in the EU.

  5. Very cool! I learned to ride a bike on one that folded in the middle. It wasn’t nearly as cool as these, but still . . .

    Can I come on your trip?

  6. Ah Razz, truth be told, I’m a bit of an embarrassment to my fellow Texans. Being atheist, liberal, and environment-conscious does not earn you any brownie points around here. Alas.
    This morning, as I was waiting for my coffee at STARBUCKS, I struck a conversation with a chick who after two minutes whispered, yes, whispered that she would vote for Obama.
    I’m not sure why I’m living there.

    Ps: the new Bill Maher movie, Religulous, made me feel bad about being an atheist. Perhaps I should switch to agnostic, do not know and do not care. As you can see, I’m really very spiritual.

  7. Tysdaddy

    Long time no see! And now you want to come cycling with me?


    It surprises me that you live in Texas. I would’ve thought it wasn’t cosmopolitan enough for you. I guess you have family there or were born there.

    As for me, hell will freeze over before I go back there. Ooops! Does that mean I believe in God? I consider myself to be agnostic because, even though I’m pretty sure there is no god, I don’t know for sure as I’ve no proof of the non-existence of a god.

    Here’s my favourite riddle on the subject.

    Q: What do you get if you cross an agnostic dyslexic with an insomniac?

    A: Someone who stays awake all night wondering if there really is a dog.

  8. Nat,
    You need to move either North East or North West. Either way, you’ll find folks who you can identify with a heck of a lot easier. Plus, we have better beer.

    -Turkish Prawn

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