Kinobe “Slip Into Something More Comfortable”

My wife and I had this piece of music by Kinobe, playing after our wedding ceremony as people entered the reception area to dine.

[youtube oonHquCgFl4]

We will be going to an ANCOLD (Australian National Committee on Large Dams) conference up in Surfers Paradise in Queensland next month. We figured since we’ll have to fly up there we may as well go right up to Cairns after the conference and do some diving on the Great Barrier reef, then fly directly back to Sydney. Both my wife and I enjoy train travel so we will go by sleeper up north from Brisbane. It’s a 32 hour trip but trains are a great way to travel because you can get up and walk around, visit the dinning car, socialise etc. It’s so much more civilised than cattle class on a plane.

As I was making my booking for the train and diving trip (2 days aboard a sailing boat), Kinobe’s Slip Into Something More Comfortablekept playing through my mind.

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  1. Looks like you took the cover photograph for the YouTube video with your new wide angle lens! Do take photos while on the train! I love them. What is the Australian train system like? Outside of the northeast corridor in the US and certain scenic wesstern routes, our trains are not fit for 32 hours of travel, although, some do those long trips. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the photographs you’ll take already.

  2. Pat

    You can bet I’ll take photos on the train. we’ll be in a sleeper with a power point so I’ll be able to prepare a post about that part of the trip while I’m on board.

    When I was in the US in the late 1970s I spent a week on Amtrak trains (I had a US rail pass) going up and down the east coast. I’d spend the nights sleeping sitting up. I’d alternate my days between the north east (places like Boston and NY) and Miami.

    I haven’t been on a long train trip here in Australia since 1974 so it should be interesting.
    Here’s a link to a post about that trip so long ago.

  3. Wow… So, fancy having a porter while you travel? I’ll even buy my self a nice little bellhop uniform if it gets me the gig. You just wait. I’ll make it Oz someday!

    -Turkish Prawn

  4. I love trains – and agree that they are great (civilised!) way to travel.
    When I was studying in Norway I bought a scan-rail (rail pass for scandinavian countries) and took long night rides (I saved a lot of money this way because I didn’t have to pay for hostels).I loved waking up early to watch scenery and the day in the making.
    to me, train rides are a symbol of warm and cozy travelling when you have all the time in the world to just travel, talk, enjoy.
    I am looking forward to the photos from your trip.

  5. Cashmere

    I did the same thing as you did on the trains in Scandinavia, in the US with an US rail pass. I went up and down the east coast for 2 weeks. I’d spend a day in Florida and then sleep on the train during the night and get off in either New York or Boston. Then I’d go back the Florida, over night, for a day to return up north, over night, the next day.

    Back and forth.

    Exhausting….. but cheap!

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