5 thoughts on “Jess at Mark & Sonia’s wedding today. Sydney Australia 2008”

  1. I so wonder what portrait you would have done of this fabulous looking woman with your wide angle lens? I am just thinking now of what context you might use. If you had your pick of backdrops, what would it be for Jess?

  2. I tried to take a shot with trees in the background because I see Jess as a bit of an earth mother type and I wanted to get a shot of trees coming out of her head. Unfortunately I only had my little happy-snappy canon camera with me and it’s not very wide angle.

    I’d love to get some shots of Jess in a bush setting.

  3. Holding “someone else’s baby” is the perfect thing to do. All the fun of babies with out the extended consequences. Did he barf? Poop? Start to cry? Time to hand him back to mommy! I’m saying this after having dealt with all three of these issues with my seven month old daughter tonight.

    -Turkish Prawn

  4. Earth Mother was one of the images that came to my mind too from your photograph…perhaps your little happy snappy canon can translate your thoughts better than you think.

  5. Turkish

    I don’t even like holding babies. Not because I don’t like them, but rather that I’m frightened of dropping them accidently, and if I did; I’m sure that “sorry” wouldn’t be enough.


    The reality of the situation seeped through the filter of the medium and I

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