Bucolic bliss. Near Oberon, NSW, Australia

On the way back home from a weekend away, we passed through some lush countryside today.

Near Oberon

For many people around the world such scenes would be common, but here in Australia after so many years of drought, such scenes lift the spirits of us Australians.  The shot below looks more like England than Australia.

 Usually, the grass is brown all year long.

6 thoughts on “Bucolic bliss. Near Oberon, NSW, Australia”

  1. Great photos.
    Before I visited Australia, I had the mental image of a brownish landscape. Happily, I was very surprised to find a bit of everything in Australia mixed in with lots of brownish landscape.
    I’ve never seen more shooting stars anywhere else on my travels too!

  2. Now, clear a few things up here…are you driving along an interstate or a local road when you take these gorgeous landscapes? You manage to give us a landscape from the point of view of that one black animal in the next to the last photo (my favorite one, I think, the composition is just so delicate)…as if there is nothing but sky and occasional stands of trees. And, given that you say the grass has been brown for so long due to drought…isn’t grass amazing??? It can endure month after month, in some cases, year after year, of not enough water and still be alive when the rains do come! So very nice, Razzman.

  3. Ross

    I think that because there is so much brown and red in our landscape here, us Aussies are so drawn to green places. Much like Arabs I suspect. We may have lots of shooting stars but Canada has the northern lights, something my wife would love to see.


    The shots in today’s post were taken from a smaller local road. My wife and I like to get off the main roads and check out the less visited places. Luckily my wife is very patient with me when I take photos.

    Funny you should mention the shot with the black animal in it. I was going to climb over the fence to get closer to the tree but my wife warned me not to because the paddock had only bulls in it. She notices such things because she went to an agricultural high school.

  4. The second photo looks remarcably similar to one I snaped from a bus to Cambridge :) Love the blue sky, we had a few days of fog and low clouds which can put me down a bit .

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