Last weekend at Wombeyan Caves. NSW, Australia

This last weekend, my wife and I went down to Wombeyan Caves, 180kms south of Sydney to meet up with some friends and go camping. Instead of going down the freeway via Gouldburn we went down to Mittagong, and then cut across to the west along 60 km of winding dirt road. We like to take the back roads, but in this case, I think we made a mistake as the road is very narrow, and quite dangerous due to poor visibility around corners. The next two photos will give non-Australian visitors to this blog an idea of how dry most of the countryside is in this area.

tunnel through the sandstone

All the same it was an interesting trip to pass through an area covered in dry sclerophyll forest that is in rain shadow caused by the Great Dividing Range. To call the Great Dividing Range, “Great”, is a bit of a joke because it only rises to about 2,000m at its greatest height, but it does affect rain reaching further inland from the coast.  Although many of areas along the eastern coast of New South Wales have received a lot of rainfall lately, there are still many areas that are quite dry.

the grass was still brown in many areas along the way

On Friday night, we after we had set up camp we sat around the campfire with our friends, Brad and Linda and my wife’s uncle Ray.  All of us love camping, and we don’t care what the weather is like so when it started to rain we just got out a plastic sheet and sat under it.

When the going gets tough, the tough keep drinking

To be honest, I don’t really care much for caves, as I feel once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. 

same old stuff

But Wombeyan Caves has a very good camp ground, and it was great to get out of town for the weekend and catch up with some friends.  One of the things that I really love about camping is sitting around a fire at night.  Ray brought along a guitar and kept us entertained with well played hits from his youth. 

Ray kept us entertained

He did a very passable rendition of Peter Sarstedt’s classic hit, “Where do you go to my lovely” (about the easiest way to find this song is on the soundtrack CD of the movie The Darjeeling Limited)

[youtube fDdgYLmGGF8]

3 thoughts on “Last weekend at Wombeyan Caves. NSW, Australia”

  1. If that road had those size tunnels, it must have been a white knuckle drive (it reminded me of driving through Central Park on upper East side except about half the size!) BUT the thing I noticed the most?? Is that the biggest “log” on a fire known to primitive man and woman?? Seriously, it looks like a redwood dropped into your fire!! No one was cold that night, I feel quite sure and warmth and music are a lovey cocoon.

  2. Pat

    It was a white knuckle drive. A bit like the old toll road to Mariposa in California, except I didn’t have a knucklehead in a pick-up tailgating me all the way. What made the road to Wombeyan bad was the looseness of the surface. On some corners I could feel the car, which has all wheel drive, starting to drift at quite low speeds, 20kph or about 14mph.

    We found the log by the side of the road outside of the park (you’re not allowed to use wood from the national parks as it’s considered habitat) and it took two of us to put it in the car. It wasn’t really cold but I do enjoy eating and drinking while burning things.

  3. yeah, sitting by the fire… There’s something utterly primal and beautiful about it. I could do it for hours and hours, never get tired of it at all…

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