Big storm coming. North Pine Dam, Queensland, Australia

The photo below was taken yesterday afternoon at North Pine Dam just north of Brisbane at about 4:20 in the afternoon.

Big strom coming

 About 30 minutes later I was in a large motor coach heading into Brisbane as a storm began. It was the worst storm that has hit south east Queensland for 25 years and it was amazing to see so much rain fall in such a short time. Many of the roads in low lying areas that we passed through were flooded.

The north west of Brisbane around The Gap received the brunt of the storm with a large amount of houses being damaged and many millions of dollars damage being caused. Sadly there was one death as a young man was swept to his death photographing a flooded stormwater drain.

4 thoughts on “Big storm coming. North Pine Dam, Queensland, Australia”

  1. Wow! That sky could be after the storm as well. It’s deceiving. We, also, had a horrific storm over the weekend. A big tanker truck blew over on the interstate. Just flat out blew over. It is a good thing you were in a large motor coach and not driving yourself. White knuckles would have been the order of the day. And, why is it, when I hear the news of that poor photographer washed away while trying to take a photograph, I think of you in the bull paddock or me taking photos while driving! There but for the grace of He who I do not believe in, go you and I. Don’t you think?

  2. And to think there are Hurricane Hunters and Tornado chasers that head, knowingly, straight into storms like these is unimaginable to me.
    It does seem that the frequency and intensity of weather incidents are building.
    Every year, we count ourselves out of the woods for 6 months but never take clear skies for granted,

    That’s a stunning photo.

  3. Pat

    The shot looks a bit weird because I only shot the side of the clouds because I was trying to avoid various distracting things in the foreground.

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a storm strong enough to blow over a tanker, but I have been through an area in Canada about an hour after a tornado and I know that the forces of nature are an amazing thing.

    I guess one of the main strategies in such circumstances is remain a bit detached and not become target fixated.


    Every now and again I see stuff that makes some of those Hollywood special effects look realistic.


    I think that some people are just adrenalin junkies disguised as scientists. I can tell you for a fact, you never get me heading deliberately towards a tornado. I’ve seen what they can do and they scare the heck out of me.

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