Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Today Engogirl and I went to the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane (GOMA) to see their excellent current “Optimism” exhibition. Apparently I wasn’t supposed to take any photos because of copyright issues but because I didn’t realise that was the case, I did take a few of works that caught my eye, until a security guard had a few words to me.

Patricia Piccinini’s work based on Vespa motor scooters was hilariously playful.

Patricia Piccinini work based on Vespa motor scooters

Kathy Temin’s, “Bringing it all back home”, was like walking through a fake fur covered Dr Seuss landscape.

Kathy Temin - Bringing it all back home

We also checked out the rest of the gallery and we came across Ron Mueck’s “In bed”.

Ron Mueck - In bed

It was absolutely mind blowing how realistic his sculpture was and I included Engogirl in the shot so you can see how big it is. There was a security guard sitting right next to it and I asked her if many people tried to touch the sculpture; to which she replied, “all the time”.  I wasn’t surprised, as it seemed to be almost begging to be touched. It just looked so soft and lifelike.

5 thoughts on “Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia”

  1. Oh, that “In the bed” sculpture!! If you hadn’t framed it with your wife, I never would have believed the size of it. Touching it is probably the tamest of it…I bet some lonely guys try to crawl in!! She looks slightly aghast but able to handle whatever happens.

  2. Pat

    The “in bed” sculpture is so amazing. It was like a 3D Chuck Close work. I also loved the little animals but there were some bigger ones that were absolutely stunning but I got told to stop taking photos before I could get a shot of them to share with you.


    Thanks for the link. That baby sculpture is really disturbing. Interesting to see the “in bed” sculpture in your post. It’s such a small world, isn’t it?

  3. The “in bed” piece must have moved from Japan to Australia. I didn’t take any photos at the museum I visited; there was pretty tight security. I’m amazed you got a few snaps in!
    The giant baby sculpture was very strange, but most of the others were too!

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