What were they thinking? The Mantra Hotel, Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia

My wife and I stayed at the Mantra Hotel in Mooloolaba two weeks ago and I was struck by what an odd bathroom design our room had. One quarter of the shower stall, come spa, was see-through plexiglass that allowed a view into the bathroom from the bed.

What were they thinking?

I found myself wondering about what the design of the bathroom implied about the people who stayed at the hotel.

I can understand that watching a co-operative member of the opposite sex showering or using the spa could be considered quite erotic by most people. What I doubt is, that most people would admit to the desire to watch someone from the comfort of their bed, use the can. The provision for such a voyeuristic option implies that the designer (and the person who O.K.ed the purchase of the shower stall) thought that most guests would want to.

5 thoughts on “What were they thinking? The Mantra Hotel, Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia”

  1. That is bizarre. If it were another door, where someone could join in without having to go through the bathroom proper, then perhaps I could see a point. But a window? Interesting . . .

  2. you got it all wrong, mate. It is for the person that is downloading in the bathroom to have an eye on his or her partner in the bedroom – to see their feet and know whether they were trying to run away or something…

  3. Oooh, that’s just plain wrong. I’m with you on the erotic side of the shower use, but I’m even more so with you on the lack of loo privacy. I would have to go to another hotel… after taking a shower.

  4. I sort of like the look of the bath but not the voyeuristic bit. Some of us are a bit sensitive and modest about our slightly squidy bodies!

  5. If your room was prepared the same as others then your shower curtain would have given you the privacy you deserve.Ask at the desk…..

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