5 thoughts on ““Nana” by Niki de Saint Phalle”

  1. Hey, I just drank my first cup of coffee reading about this artist. I love encountering people I’ve totally missed, so thanks! Even though I’m not as taken with her work as you and Engogirl, I love knowing about it and seeing her connections within the artistic community as a whole. How large is your inflatable Nana? I just started watching a movie last night called, “Lars and The Real Girl” about a very introverted young man played by Ryan Gossling, who buys a life size inflatable sex doll and begins a relationship with it, his brother and sister in law decide to invite “them” to dinner. I actually gave up on it early on, but perhaps I shouldn’t have!

  2. Pat

    It’s 81cm x 74cm (32″ x 29″). As for the movie, I’ve heard about the movie and read reviews of it but I haven’t seen it yet. From what I could fathom, it’s sounds like it would require the suspension of disbelief.

  3. Razz, this time you and Engogirl have outdone yourselves. An inflatable doll artwork? I’ve never heard of this medium before, but you know what? If Damian Hirst can put sectioned animals into cases of formaldehyde and sell them for millions, then I shouldn’t really be surprised. Funnily enough, I like it. The doll as pictured reminds me of a Chagall figure floating in the air. Happy colours. Funny underwear. It would make me smile every time I looked at it. Now, my question is: how do you display it and did it come with a puncture repair kit?

  4. Her sculptures look interesting.
    As for the inflatable art, it’s kind of funky; but I’d rather have my Popeye punching balloon thing back from when I was a kid.

  5. Epic

    I’ve already hung it by a thread (you’ll notice a little hole in the tip of the raised hand) from the ceiling of our stairwell.

    It didn’t come with a repair kit but I can’t see how it will get a puncture considering where I’ve put it. We’ve just about run out of wall space to hang art at our place. I’m still undecided where to put out Jumbo plush mummy doll:


    that we bought early this year and I’ve got not idea where we’ll put a painting that is owed to me by Tim Allen (the Australian artist).

    I should’ve never bought that 2m x 3m oil painting by Phillip Brew years ago!


    It’s what one buys when there aren’t any inflatable aliens for sale.

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