High tack tourist tat. Atherton, far north Quensland, Australia

The town of Artherton is the commercial hub of the Atherton tablelands and it’s a small town with a small town’s charm. In the middle of the town is a store that sells crystals, geodes and the like. You can even have a photo taken of you aura which should be pimped as an “intelligence test” using a camera.


This motorised eyesore almost ruins the look of the whole town

The people who run the shop called the “Crystal Caves” have the self propelled eyesore in the photo above, parked a few doors up the road to advertise their business.

As the original Kath and Kim would say, “noice!”

[youtube U_Hm6qr8qj8]

3 thoughts on “High tack tourist tat. Atherton, far north Quensland, Australia”

  1. O, I love Kath and Kim! I discovered it several years ago and loved this cast of characters. The US has just done a spin off which is the sorriest piece of horror that I’ve ever seen. I didn’t last five minutes. This clip was hilarious.

  2. Nice clip. It is definitely better than the US version, which I didn’t even make it through. Not even the first commercial break, actually. Just awful.

  3. Pat & Brooks

    You’re right the original Aussie version of Kath & Kim is much better but having said that, I find it a difficult show to watch as it’s quite often so excruciating that I have to leave the room.

    A lot of shows don’t work so well when other countries try to do them. The English show “Cracker” with Robbie Coltrane was fantastic but the American version was crap. There was an Australian version of “Queer eye for the straight guy” that sank without a trace it was so bad, and our version of the English car show “Top Gear” is also hopeless.

    Sometimes I wonder how TV executives can be so clueless in the pursuit of profit, that they water down a product for the local market so much that the locals reject it. I guess we all hate being patronised.

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