9 thoughts on “I am a cow’s nightmare”

  1. I woke up real early (4 AM) and so gave up trying to get back to sleep and went on line. Got emails and then went to blogs. Laughed out loud at this. At 4:30 AM to get me to laugh out loud is not easy.

  2. Ok, it’s another “early” day…Teletubbies? I’m dying here Tysdaddy. Makes me think of that British show “Vicar at Dibley” when that daffy character got married and her bridal party was dressed up in teletubbies bridesmaid dresses. Anyway, starting a day laughing is not a bad thing.

  3. Pat

    Glad to know I can make someone smile so early in the morning.


    Do you chase dentists around with a knife and fork? Now that’s something I’d like to see a photo of.


    I had a camera strapped to my head as well.


    The photo was taken about twenty years ago when I was in art college studying photography. The photo was for an assignment titled “performance”. We had to go out and make create an image by recording a performance of a concept. The idea being that we make an image by our actions rather than just hunting around for something interesting to shoot. The assignment was set by my lecturer Jay Younger (a well know photographic artist)

    I took the shot using a 35mm film camera with a 18mm lens and loaded with infra-red film, that was strapped to my head and operated by a cable release in my mouth. I then chased cows around with a knife and fork with the idea of trying to create something that might look like what a cow’s nightmare would look like.

    The shot was originally in black and white but I manipulated it in photoshop recently.

  4. Oh, please! Had I known these details..chasing cows with a camera strapped on your head and a knife and a fork waving in the air…I might have died of laughter. Honestly. Performance Photography. I really never heard of this.

  5. Seee, that’s why they say every photo needs a caption – some need longer ones :)

    Before, it was just a nightmare, with this detailed info, it became THE nightmare.

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