Big Captain Cook. Cairns, far north Queensland, Australia

Here’s another attempt by someone hoping to create some kind of tourist attraction.


The big Captain Cook in Cairns

I took this shot of the big Captain Cook from this angle to show how incongruous it is in it’s location. Totally tacky and completely out of place.

Kind of sad really. 

According to another website the land the statue is on has been sold and the statue is up for sale.

8 thoughts on “Big Captain Cook. Cairns, far north Queensland, Australia”

  1. Captain Cook is so underrated. I think he “discovered” most of the world! … well except for the people living in those places. He discovered where I was born, but he’d been dead for a long time so I never got to meet him.

  2. That is so very sad. When you were in the States, did you ever get to visit South of the Border b/w North & South Carolina on 95? It is a delapidated tourist attraction chock full of statues like this… sniff sniff… I smell a blog post :)
    PS I lost interest in the race blog because it lacked photos. I’m not really that shallow, just a little ADD.

  3. Grasswire

    I’m sure you can have just about anything you want …. if you have the money.


    I have been in that general area but I can’t remember if I went down that particular highway or not, and seeing such things, but I wish I had.

    By the way, I still don’t know why your comments are still being moderated. Also the link in your name to your blog is incorrect.

    It should be


    It is strange pose and I also thought about Hitler when I first saw it. I think it would look “interesting” in Stanley park next to the totem poles.


    Just goes to show one can’t know everything.

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