7 thoughts on “Mister Lee is NOT a hit man. Seven Hills, NSW, Australia”

  1. “Total Control”…yep, that’s what we all need! I once nearly bought 12 designer fishing lures on TV because they offered total lure control and the TV huckster fisherman said it “”Totally changed my life!” I almost bought them BUT I don’t fish. Not ever.

    The need for self improvement and the inability to do it, makes Mr. Lee a recession proof business. I love that he has to point out he’s not a hit man.

  2. Pat

    I’ve walked past this sign over 1000 times over the last five years and I never really read it until yesterday. I’ve never been in the gym because I’ve been put off by some of the extremely “salty” looking dudes hanging around there. Now that I’ve read the sign I think I know why such people congregate there.

  3. Turkish

    I’ve got no idea but I reckon that a gun is fairly high tech in comparison to a bare hands.


    I just can’t believe how many times I’ve walked by it and never actually read it. By the way the link to your blog is wrong and it should be http://breathlessmini.wordpress.com/


    Me too. I’d be interested in knowing what his relationship with the police is. I’d be willing to bet that it would be a tense and uneasy one.

  4. I love how it was needed to state that he wasn’t a hitman. That means that on atleast one or two occasions someone contacted him to ‘get things done’. Pretty funny if you ask me..

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