6 thoughts on “You has cake? Brushtail Possum (Trichosurus vulpecula)”

  1. No kidding. You have to get rid of this possum and post something else before Christmas. I just left you a request on my blog. It creeps me out! It scares Santa, too.

  2. If this was in New Zealand, it would be titled, “I can haz buckshot”.
    I’ve got nothing against possums personally myself in my opinion. (possum face)

  3. Turkish

    I’ve seen videos of those American possums in action and they are scary things.


    I’ll be putting up a new post today, once I figure out how to make my new headset work with my voice recognition program. Nothing is ever easy!


    Those Kiwis aren’t too keen on any wildlife other than birds. I have to constantly tell Kiwis that it’s not o.k. to kill snakes here (they are protected). In all fairness, the possums are wreaking havoc with the eco system over there.

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