Some people with style at “All Tomorrow’s Parties” on Cockatoo Island. Sydney, NSW, Australia

I read a very trite and irritating review of “All Tomorrow’s Parties” by Bernard Zuel in the Sydney morning Herald today. Zuel made the event sound like it was for constipated geriatrics. Hey Zuel! Get your head out of you arse and look around!

Sure there were heaps of aging punks and rockers in attendance,

A very nice and laid back kinda guy

but there were also plenty of bright shiny things strutting their stuff on Cockatoo Island on Saturday as well.

So classically cool

It’s so typical of the shallow mainstream media to focus on the superficial and to try and create some kind of division where there isn’t one.

The acts at “All Tomorrows Parties” attracted a very wide spectrum of people and I’d even go so far as to say that the crowd on Cockatoo Island were a pretty good indication of how an interest in non-mainstream music transcends age groups.

the crowd watching Psaradonis

Now that I’ve had my little rant, here’s some more pictures of some of the stylish people that I met on Saturday.

This woman has great facial structure

When I asked the woman above if I could take her picture, she asked me, “what’s it for?” I replied, “I’m taking pictures of people I think look fabulous”. To which she replied, “I don’t feel fabulous, I was up until 2 this morning playing a gig in Newcastle”. Unfortunately I didn’t pick up on the cue to ask her what band she was in. Yep, I’m about as sharp as a bowling ball. When I photograph strangers (particularly women) I try not to talk to them too much as I don’t want to freak them out and make them feel uncomfortable.

This next fellow wouldn’t have looked out of place in a longboat 1000 years ago.

This guys face just lit up when I asked if I could photograph him

These next two women were very extroverted good sports.

These two were such good sports

 Very nice people and when they adopted this next pose I thought of Pommeroy’s post.

These two were so naturally fun

Not everyone was dressed for the weather and for some, style was everything. When you think about it, guys in suits at alternative music events are the real rebellious iconoclasts.

Too bad it was such a hot day for such an interesting and different look

These two were a lovely couple with a very intersting mix of styles. Sort of gothic meets western.

I don't think that this guy would have looked out of place in the wild west      I don't think that this woman would have looked out of place in a vampire movie set in the wild west

Then there were other people who were into colour.

A great choice of clothing for such a changeable day

And last but not least, the man with the nicest smile and sweetest T-shirt. 

A very nice guy with a great attitude



8 thoughts on “Some people with style at “All Tomorrow’s Parties” on Cockatoo Island. Sydney, NSW, Australia”

  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about my two favorite punk friends one either this or Nathalie’s blog, but the guy in the suit begs me to write about them again. My friends Adam and Dory were punks in the grand, 1980’s fashion. Great people too. Adam was about six foot two and Dory was easily six foot as well. They were often in black, often wore lots of metal, had funky haircuts and the Doc Martins. They were punk to the core. Then they got tickets to see the Cramps in concert and they realized that once there, they would simply blend in with the crowd, which naturally, is anathema to a punk. One trip to the Salvation Army later, they went to the concert dressed in a sea foam green tux with ruffle and cummerbund and a ball gown. Mission accomplished.

    -Turkish Prawn

  2. Oh, Razz! I adore these portraits. The composition of that guy in the suit is divine, too. The light on their faces is just so wonderful. All natural light, right?? Later on today, I’m posting some inaugural concert photos that made me think of your series yesterday!

  3. Turkish

    I remember years ago (1974) going to a concert and thinking that although everyone was trying to be different, they all looked the same. things haven’t changed that much but there do seems to be a few more styles and I as far as I’m concerned that’s a good thing. On a personal level, I can’t really see the need to go to so much trouble.


    Glad you like the people, they were all so gracious. All the shots were taken with available light. The light got a bit contrasty at times but my dinky on camera little flash isn’t controllable enough to use for fill in.

  4. Nat

    I didn’t use the wide angle lens because I wanted to isolate the subjects from their enviroment. I quite often use a wide angle for portraits to place people within a context. Context was not the issue with these shots.

  5. Razz…very nice selection of portraits. I need some of that bravado to photograph random strangers – you seem to have the knack for it. Beautiful light and framing on the gothic/western girl.

  6. Brooks

    Thanks for dropping by again. Long time no see. As for asking people to take their photos, just keep in mind that most people are flattered that you noticed them and appreciate their style.


    I know that! You couldn’t hurt me anyway; after 4 years at art college, my ego is like a shield of steel (whether my work has merit or not). On the other hand take it as a sign of respect (don’t let it go to your head) that I don’t mind explaining why I do things to you. Unless I’m completely intoxicated, I usually have a reason, besides self destruction, for doing things.

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