10 thoughts on “Waiting for the bus outside of the Exchange Hotel. Marrickville, NSW, Australia. 2009”

  1. Pat

    What is there to say?

    Other than it’s badly executed tat.

    I took the picture because of the confusion of colours, tones and styles. To me it’s a real mish-mash of modern Australian multicultural life. I didn’t feel the need to explain because I thought it was apparent. Often when I put up photo without any writing, it’s because I’m hoping that people will just look at the photo and try and “read” it themselves without me having to be didactic.

    There is several awnings in Marrickville that sport such “sculptures” and I suspect that perhaps it was done to create a tourist attraction.

  2. I get the confusion of colours, tones and styles but honestly I’ve never seen a hotel with a tableau as an awning sculpture and I was thinking it was a hotel for ladies of the oldest profession. So, yes, I read it into myself alright but maybe a bit more than necessary!

  3. What is funny is that the people on the sidewalk would fit right in the above scenery… however it looks like the hotel may be way less swanky than represented.
    If the person is the brown suit is supposed to be a man, the blond chick could easily kick his ass.
    Don’t you love it when I get all spiritual on you? :-)

  4. Nat

    The hotel is in no way swanky. It’s just an older pub done in the usual easy to hose off, puke and blood tiles. This being Sydney (one of the gay capitols of the world), it’s possible that the blond “chick” is a tranny. As for spiritual, I’m glad were more or less on the same page in that area.

    …. I think.

  5. I think you’re right about the blonde being a tranny. Something about the swimmer’s shoulders and no hips. Even though it’s “tat” I love the fact that they’ve put a pub interior on a pub exterior!
    Great photo, Razz. No words required.

  6. Grasswire

    Great thought. Now, thanks to you and Nat I can’t help but think of transsexual avatars in second life. On a side note, there’s a phenomena that I just don’t understand. I’ve had a look at second life and found it so empty and boring.

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