So you think you’re good at puzzles eh? Hanoi, Vietnam 2007

Every time I looked up in Hanoi at the power lines, I’d find myself thinking about what kind of mind it would take to sort out any problems that came up in them.

The product of slack arses

I know it only took a very slack inconsiderate mind to make such a mess. Which of course means that who ever came afterwards to fix anything in such a rat’s nest, had the mental equivalent of a labour of Hercules. I can imagine the poor guy who has to sort through the chaos of wires would feel like Sisyphus as he went through his life cleaning up after people who have either no pride in their work or just no pride at all.

4 thoughts on “So you think you’re good at puzzles eh? Hanoi, Vietnam 2007”

  1. Amazing, isn’t it. I was in Hanoi 2 years ago and marvelled at the same thing. And it’s not just one place. Those massive tangles of wires are everywhere. It’s probably due to the rate of growth without any real government plan for infrastructure. Still, all in all, a beautiful country. We saw their military guys everywhere building roads and digging drainage ditches. At least they were productive instead of destructive.

  2. Nice photo. When we were in Vietnam I saw a lot of this sort of thing. Like you, it made me wonder what happens when a phone line goes down. How long would it take the repair man to work out which line has the problem? Could be a while, methinks.

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