Playing around with light painting. Sawpit Creek, NSW, Australia. 2008

Last year my wife, Engogirl and I went down to the snow country to do some camping and skiing. We camped at Sawpit Creek and since there wasn’t all that much to do at night we played around with some light painting.

Engogirl gets painted with light

The picture was taken at 1600 ISO at f5.6 for 30 seconds. During the exposure I “painted” in the trees and my wife with a small AA torch (that’s a “flashlight”┬áto you Americans out there). I had Engogirl move her arms to give the shot a little more interest.

10 thoughts on “Playing around with light painting. Sawpit Creek, NSW, Australia. 2008”

  1. It’s like the magician giving away his secrets. How the creative mind works when there’s ” nothing to do “.
    Very striking colors, contrast and as well, a vertical snow angel without the snow.
    I’ve taken night shots of my husband with a flashlight ( heavens’ not a torch ) in his mouth. The only glow that’s visible is the translucence of his cheeks.

  2. Donald

    Thanks. Blue and yellow being complimentary, go so well together.


    I felt I should explain how I did it because I knew I’d get asked. I love the idea of the torch in the mouth. I will “appropriate” that idea… in a post modernist manner of course.


    I put this shot up because of your comment on the last post. Glad you like it.

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