The day I was born. 21st of May 1956

I was born on the same day (21st May of May 1956) as very first airborne hydrogen bomb was dropped on Bikini atoll. 

[youtube p_oueK1OQYA] 

Bye, bye paradise.

Amazingly, despite the odds, considering the trouble and strife the world has been through since then, plus all the dumb things that I’ve done, 53 years later I’m still here!

 Woo hoo me!

Tonight I’m having a bunch of friends over for dinner to celebrate. Because I’m getting ready for tonight, I don’t have enough time for much of a post, so for all my friends out there, here’s the Four Tops singing one of my favourite songs, “Reach out”, that I dedicate to you all.

[youtube I51a1ODXCOE]

7 thoughts on “The day I was born. 21st of May 1956”

  1. Happy, Happy Birthday, Razz!! I was born the year that the atomic bomb was dropped, 1945! Seriously, I am so happy you made it through your 53 years. No one else quotes Omar quite like you. You have contributed to my artistic life in very significant ways and I’ll always be grateful.

  2. Happy Birthday!
    53 is nothing to sniff at.

    Nothing happened on the day I was born; just a bunch of people breathing in and out … and probably having a nice day.

  3. Happy Birthday, Razz (for the 21st, I’m late again). I hope you had a wonderful day and look forward to reading about your celebration soon.
    Big hugs!

  4. Pat, Planetross, Epic and Turkish

    Thanks for all the well wishes and it’s too bad you all live so far away as it would’ve been great to have you all over to dinner.

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