Puddles are for playing in. Ultimo, Sydney, NSW, Australia 1973

puddles are for playing in

I was going to put in a video clip of Cat Stevens’ (now known as Yusuf Islam) “Where do the children play”, but I thought that this clip is actually much more interesting and appropriate.

[youtube hEFpJMaaF2M]


5 thoughts on “Puddles are for playing in. Ultimo, Sydney, NSW, Australia 1973”

  1. Oh, c’mon!! I haven’t gotten yesterday’s faces out of my head and you give me another tender image?? AND, cat stevens? AND From one of my favorite movies of all time?? Little boys in a puddle no matter the zipcode would get to me, but barefoot in what would more realistically called a “splat” rather than a puddle? And, one in a windowpane plaid shirt and shorts with crisscross suspenders? I give up. Where are the tissues, dammit.

  2. I pretty much stole my mother’s tape of “Tea for the Tillerman.” I could seriously listen to it all the time. “Into White” is an amazing song.

  3. Pat

    I’m not deliberately trying to push your buttons. I’ve been going through my old negs to scan them and the photos in these last two posts just happened to be near each other in my files.

    On the other hand, I have been thinking about the old, “nurture or nature” thing a fair bit lately.


    I used to have “Tea for the tillerman” when I was a kid in high school and I used to play it to death. What Cat Stevens had to say on that album had a huge effect on me than and in later life.

  4. Puddles and kids. Kids and puddles. It’s like magnetic attraction! Going for a walk with my son after a rainstorm will take you twice as long because every puddle needs to be stomped in. NEEDS to be!

    That is some good and honest fun happening in that photo.

    -Turkish Prawn

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