6 thoughts on “The end of the day at Newcastle Ocean Baths. NSW, Australia. 2009”

  1. Oh, my, this looks heavenly!! What a perfect time of day to go to the baths! What is the temp of the water? Oh, my bathtub looks pitiful now.

  2. Even the Caribbean is cold in the winter… don’t let the tourist brochures fool you. Beautiful pictures of Newcastle and the pools. They look big, right?

  3. Cold is relative. Living on an island in the Atlantic, I don’t go near the water unless I’m nearing heatstroke.

    Beautiful picture. The way the railings come out of the water looks very surreal.

    -Turkish Prawn

  4. Donald

    I think Turkish could be right in that could be a relative thing. Aparently the water was about 18 C or about 64 F on the day which isn’t too bad. The sea water around these parts can get down to 11 C or 51 F. The pool was quite large and I think it’s olympic size.


    When I lived in Canada I only went swimming a few times. I guess I’d been spoilt by living in Australia and I didn’t like the idea that I only had about 2 minutes in the water before I die. The whole pool area was beautiful and best of all, free!

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