The Prime Minister of Procrastination finally gets his cabinet together.

Despite what my friends would have you believe, that I’m the personification of anarchy, I actually hate chaos.

For the last several years, the lack of storage space in our house has been driving me nuts and in particular the fact that we didn’t have an efficient way of storing and retrieving our CDs and DVDs.

We used to have our TV on a funky but poorly designed cabinet from Indonesia. The old unit looked OK but it didn’t have very much storage space because it’s design was more about style than function. There always seemed to be a large stack of CDs and books with various other bits and pieces strewn all over the top of the old sideboard that was already crowded with electronics.

In short it was a mess.

Another thing that was getting on my wick, is that I’m totally over, dark wooden furniture.

Over the last couple of years I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to design and make, to remedy our entertainment storage area. I don’t like the current trend in furniture design with their low storage areas that look great in minimalist showrooms but are impossible to live with. Another thing I don’t like about a lot of “so-called” modern furniture is that it looks so 1960s with their little legs that seem to be designed to make it difficult to sweep or vacuum under. Let’s not even talk about how outrageously expensive and over priced stylish furniture can be.

At first, I thought of making a wall unit but that design concept seemed so 1970s. Plus we have plaster cornices where our ceiling meets the wall  and I don’t like gaps between high furniture and the ceiling because they collect dust; are hard to reach and don’t display items well.

Last month I went to the Sydney woodworking show and it inspired me to get my finger out and do some carpentry. Here’s what I’ve come up with after years of procrastination and three weeks work.

At last I can put all the CDs away

The cabinet is constructed out of 19mm plywood, that has been “V” bookmatch veneered with figured English sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus). I used Australian silver ash (Flindersia schottiana) for all the solid wood components except the drawers which were made out of pine and 6mm plywood. The top was veneered in an exploding diamond pattern and inlaid with some commercially produced inlay strips.

mmmmm wood

All the exposed drawers (all dovetailed) for the CDs and DVDs are on runners that allow the drawers to be completely extended so the contents can be easily viewed.

Easy to sort through and get to 

On a side note about procrastination, my wife reckons that I procrastinate because if I put things off, that means it will be longer before I make some errors and mess it all up. I short, Engogirl thinks I’m afraid of failure.

I’m afraid………

 she might be right.

13 thoughts on “The Prime Minister of Procrastination finally gets his cabinet together.”

  1. Well, if Engogirl is right, you must be feeling pretty good about this project!! I was not expecting the final product to look so fabulous, I can tell you that. All your perfectionism of clamps shows! Honestly, I’m a little slack jawed at how this came out. Those drawers look like a dream. Currently, I have a spice drawer that comes 1/4 of the way out and then falls totally out. Do you do house calls!!!?

    Also, if Engogirl is right about you being afraid, then, all I can say is “Thank God!” Cuz I seem to be holding up the “fears” department, rational and irrational, and would like a little blogasphere company!!

    But, it seems to me that your fear doesn’t cripple you, as it does to some of us, it just slows you down! Maybe, that’s a good thing for the final product? Oh, I don’t know but this is really, really a nice ending for all your effort.

  2. Pat

    The fear of failure thing was something I was oblivious to until Engogirl named it. Now that it has been identified and named it will be hunted down and flayed. I suspect that your fear will probably have to be flensed. Let’s smash the compass and go follow their spoor through the dark places and wipe them out!


    Yeah. I’ll try better next time.


    You must be rich.

  3. Beautifully done! I’ve still got too much major construction on my own house that needs doing before I can tackle something of this magnitude. That, and I’m going to need more clamps. Who doesn’t?

    Looks stunning and yes, I too am totally done with dark furniture.

    -Turkish Prawn

  4. Planetross

    Thanks. Hope you’re having fun with your visitors.


    Thanks as well. It’s real a pity that there are so many thing other things that get in the way of what we really want to do. I know what you mean with doing stuff around the house. Over the last 4 years, I’ve landscaped the front and back yards, rebuilt a balcony, two sets of balustrades,
    built a fish pond,
    built a small shed and various other projects. It never seems to end and I suspect that it never will.

  5. This is a real piece of art, razzbuffnik! I’m totally ham-fisted with wood, but agree that the readymades rarely are right, so I hire someone with talent and skill. No failures on this job!

  6. Oh my heavens. The man can write. The man can cook. The man can take stunning photos and now the man can build stunning furniture, with his own bare hands, flicking fear to one side. The man also has 19 lives, 10 more than any cat I’ve come across. Razz, are you related to Chuck Norris?

  7. Epic

    Yep, I’m a pan-dimensional being all right, due to the fact that I’m related to Zaphod Beeblebrox, but I’m not related to Chuck. If I was, the cabinet would’ve made itself for me and then Mr T would’ve taken it off me.

  8. WOW. Don’t know what I’m more amazed about – the unit or the fact that Zaphod Beeblebrox could make his own (presumably space age) furniture :))
    Nice work hiding your design behind all the clamp talk… We are also DIY people though this makes me feel more like a sluggish amateur type.

    Totally with you on the dark furniture, the only thing worse than black for me is dark brown, which used to be the shade of a standard Yugoslav 1980’s living room multifunctional horror piece. Must be why we now compensate with birch so much.

  9. Grasswire


    “Yugoslav 1980’s living room multifunctional horror piece”
    That sounds like the first design I had in mind. A couple of years ago I nearly made one of those wall units that were popular back in the late 1970s. It would’ve been a gigantic and tasteless combination of entertainment centre and bookcase, come display case.

    Luckily my procrastination saved me!

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