Racin’ for Jaysuss! Seven Hills, NSW, Australia.

Not far from where I live is the biggest Pentecostal church in Australia, called Hillsong.

Hillsong is all about prosperity preaching. Pray, put money into the basket and you will be rewarded. Why are so many people sucked in by their money grubbing conniving? Then again, I guess the real question is, why are some people so naive? Hillsong have got their fingers into all sort of pies. They have strong political clout and varied business interests (like the Gloria Jeans coffee shop franchises seen in the background of the photo below). The church should be known as Hillsong Inc.

One of Hillsong’s founders was the self confessed paedophile, Frank Houston. What is it with these bible thumping religious wing-nuts and their perverse sexual predilections, anyway?

Frank was asked to leave the church by his son Brian after his confession to his congregation. I can imagine how the conversation went.

Frank: “Look I know it looks bad, and nobody reported anything to the police like thet should’ve, but I confessed, and that should make everything all right with god and therefore the rest of you.”

Brian: “That’s not the main issue. It’s about our revenue stream. Most people, even the gullible marks that come to our meetings don’t like kiddie-fiddlers. Our revenues have been starting to go down. We need to raise more capital for our next business venture and it’s going to cruel the sweet little deal we’ve got going if you stick around. It’s just plain bad for business. You’ve got to go.”

Hillsong also operates in ways that can seem like a cult. They don’t brook any questioning of their hierarchy and can make life very difficult for people in their ministry who challenge them or the way how they do things. 

Yep, you guessed it, I don’t have much time for such goings on.

I was doing some shopping today for a dinner I’m having for some friends tonight, and I came across this strange sight (which I don’t know if it’s connected to Hillsong, although it seemed too close to Gloria Jean’s to be a coincidence).

Oh lord give us a righteous victory over the unbelievers

I wonder if the racing team prays for victory?

I wonder what they think about the idea of an interventionist god when they don’t win?

If they don’t win, does that mean that god doesn’t approve of their engine tuning or their moral conduct?

What does it all mean when some godless athiest beats them when they’re racing for Jesus?

I wonder about such things.

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  1. I think you’ve got this bunch pegged. It is big business, and the faithful are marks.
    The scary thing is, the faithful actually believe. It satisfies some basic need for simple answers, black/white distinctions, and a lack of ambiguity. What’s amazing is that such a large group of people here in the US (and apparently Australia) are attracted to this sort of thing. They are also attracted to NASCAR and to the fear-mongering slogans promoted by right wing talk radio (among others). The strength of these organizations in our culture may well be inversely related to the potential for democracy’s survival.

  2. Cafe Selavy

    Yep, it’s sad but true, where the US goes, Australia follows.


    NASCAR and belief in an interventionist god could also be a manifestation of a simplicity of intellect of the kind that is easily manipulated. Democracy is the tyranny of the majority and the sad thing is that is that the easily led is becoming the largest group. If you haven’t seen the movie, “Idocracy”, I recommend it to you.

  3. I seem to recall some song called “I’ve got a Plastic Jesus on the dashboard of my car” Wonder if they’ve got one in that car too. I remember a 60 minutes thing about them once. Had something to do with the way they were manipulating their music sales to get into the charts or something like that. There was also something going on with them having some sort of involvement/influence in Australian Idol too.
    Is that a Ford??? I’m sure Jesus wouldn’t be seen dead driving a Ford. Or a Subaru, I read somewhere that they are lesbian cars Ha Ha. I feel certain he’d be in a Commodore.

  4. Back when I worked at a Christian radio station, and we decided to switch our format to incorporate some contemporary praise & worship music, Hillsong & Co. were the staple of our rotation. What Taylor Swift is to country. Darlene Zschech, a totally smokin’ Christian babe belting it out for Jesus! Not sure how it is today, but there was a time when their music ruled the charts stateside . . .

    As for NASCAR . . . it may be a bit redneck-y, but it’s sure as shit fun to watch. Go Jimmie!

  5. Hillsong Inc. Belting it out for Jesus or belting it out for the Money??? They should have a sign out front saying “Worship Almighty Dollar!!!”
    A big difference from the humble life the Jesus of the Bible led…

  6. Tony

    They might have that song and you can bet they won’t have this one:


    You’ve got me wondering if those motor head Christians ask themselves, “what car would Jesus drive?”


    It never ceases to amaze me that such music is so popular. Goes to show out of touch I am with so many people.


    Roast lemon chicken with Sicilian olives (the recipe is in my next post), served with cous cous mixed with asparagus as the main and orange almond cake and ice cream for dessert.

    Tony again.

    Let’s face it, some many people just have no idea at all and read into the bible what ever suits their agenda.

  7. I like the post a lot.
    I try not to touch on religion; it’s like grasping at air … sometimes hot. hee hee!

    Religions like to have the beginning and the end covered: I find myself in the middle most of the time though.

  8. Planetross

    “Religions like to have the beginning and the end covered”

    I like that thought. It always seemed strange to me, that Christianity asks you to give up on living life to the fullest and concentrate on life after death.

    The early Roman Christians had the right idea, they wouldn’t get baptised until just before their deaths so that would be absolved of all sin without having to worry about how they lived their lives. Baptism of babies is a great way to control people’s behaviour.

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