Idiocy mechanically manifested. Seven Hills, NSW, Australia.

I saw this intensely stupid demonstration of cluelessness the other morning.

The product of a sad tiny brain

I photographed it so I could have a little rant about one of the things that has mystified me for years.

Why do some guys have to do such dumb things to their vehicles?

The monstrosity in the photo would be good for no task. It has huge wheels to increase clearance for very rough terrain, which by necessity needs to be traversed slowly, and a souped up engine to make it go quickly when it wouldn’t be able to make any corner hardly any faster than walking speed. What we see in the photo above is a deadly combination of modifications that is the product of a tiny brain that probably had a conversation with itself while at a smash up derby.

Tiny Brain:

“Ooooo will ya lookit tha monsta truck!”

“Ooooo it’s so kewel!”

“I’m gunna make me one juss like it!”

There would’ve been no thought of handling characteristics or fuel economy in this age of rising fuel prices and the shrinking of unrenewable energy resources. No thought would’ve gone into the fact that “bull bars” decrease passenger safety in collisions and also endanger pedestrians that are run over.

Here’s a few videos of moronic meatheads and their dumb trucks.

[youtube VWNAzIC41gk]

[youtube koP4FzCy_Rs]

The really sad thing is that they will probably breed, and that brings me to one of my favourite movies, Idiocracy

[youtube y0O7_3o3BrI]

15 thoughts on “Idiocy mechanically manifested. Seven Hills, NSW, Australia.”

  1. My personal favourite is the car stereo that:

    a)costs twice as much as the car,
    b)obliterates almost all of your music by amplifying the bass frequencies to colon collapsing levels,
    c)reduces your available trunk space to a small region roughly large enough to contain either 20 cigarettes or a pair of socks,
    d)makes you look (and sound) like a total tool.

    A friend of mine once decided to spend £500 on a car stereo. I offered to write ‘twat’ on his head for £20, but he declined. The extra £480 didn’t achieve anything that writing ‘twat’ on his head wouldn’t have done.

  2. Donald

    My mother thinks the same thing. Here’s what she wrote in an e-mail to me about this post:

    “I have always had the opinion that it’s a “Guy” thing……DUH!!!…….
    (“My penis is bigger than your’s”……..sort of
    thing………………………. but he still wets the bed).. ”



    “colon collapsing” Love it!

    You hit the nail on the head there, and another thing about such twats is that they think other people are interested in hearing their crap taste in music (if you can call it that). I just don’t get the doof doof thing.

  3. My theory on the doof doof thing:

    Saves on tyre wear. Your wheels are only in contact with the road 50% of the time. Plus, you have hardly any friends, so less need to drive anywhere.

  4. Oh, these comments are hilarious, including your mothers’!!! I only watched the top video and looks like more than his colon may have collapsed. (Locust, just about everything you wrote made me laugh out loud.) And, I watched the bottom clip from Idiocacy. You’ve mentioned this movie before. I’m going to rent it based on this clip!

  5. Out on the bay where my wife works as a ferry captain, there was a cigarette boat that was owned by the local ambulance chaser lawyer. He named it the “Litigator.” She referred to it as the, “Compensator.” As he went roaring past her boat one day, all six engines screaming and the wake blasting out behind it, she leaned out the wheel house door and yelled, “Sorry about your penis!”

    I think that about sums things up in regard to these things.

    -Turkish Prawn

  6. Pat

    I highly recommend Idiocray to you. To my mind, it’s a “must see” movie.


    Welcome back stranger! He probably didn’t even hear hear. Just goes to show how stupid some people are. He spent heaps of money to have the crap shaken out of him at high speed while being deafened.

    What a wanker!

  7. Thanks! I’m not dead yet. Just buried.

    Classes are about done so I just might get the chance to do some writing and reading for fun again! Whee!

    Hey! You two have a great time traveling! IF you get the chance to see Grasswire and C.C., could you please thank them in person for me? C.C. made my kids some great knitted gifts and mailed them all the way from Slovenia to the States and they are a huge hit. Since I can’t thank them personally, can I make you my surrogate thanker?

    Have a blast and I can’t wait to hear and see your entries on the fun!

    -Turkish Prawn

  8. Thanks!

    What an interesting thing this world is! Asking a friend in Australia whom I’ve never met to give my friends in Slovenia whom I’ve never met, my thanks for a gift that they sent my children at our home in Maine.. whom they’ve never met.

    Wow. Suddenly that hideous Disney song, “It’s a small world, after all” is hammering around inside my skull. Wild.

    -Turkish Prawn

  9. For people that spend a lot of free time doing creative things your comments seem rather close minded. I would never get into this stuff, but there has to be something to it that you are missing. These people put a lot of time a personal resources into their hobby. You can’t be a complete idiot and still be able to afford one of these vehicles.

  10. Dave

    Like the logo on the old T-shirt says, “I don’t go around with an open mind because people will fill it full of shit”.

    I’m afraid that I’ll have to disagree with you here.

    I don’t buy into the whole, “Ï’m O.K. you’re O.K” thing.

    I’m of the opinion that being able to waste one’s money on stupid things doesn’t make one smart. The whole advertising industry is built on the premise that we can define ourselves with our purchases. It’s one of the reasons why cigarettes are so popular in the third world, because it’s the cheapest way to buy status.

    So in short, I’m O.K., but the guy who has souped his truck up to guzzle even more petrol, so it can pollute more and jacked it up so high to make it unsafe to drive is a complete idiot even if he has the money to do so.

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