Ideological stance or ironical post modern fashion statement? Singapore. 2009

Before I left on this current trip I had hopes of posting every day, but of course reality popped its ugly head into my world and messed with me.

Our flight was in two legs. The first leg was Sydney to Singapore and it was an eight hour flight with a five hour stop over. Instead of waiting around in the airport we went into town, had dinner and took a few photos.

Singapore is a fairly affluent place and to be honest for us, as Australians who live in a city with a large Asian population, Singapore didn’t have much to offer that wasn’t available at home. In short we didn’t find the city all that appealing. Poor old Singapore, in its headlong rush into the future and prosperity, it has transformed itself into just other bland city.

For my money, Bangkok is much more interesting.

One of the things that westerners will notice about Asia and Asians in general is that “cute” is in.

I don't know whether to pout or giggle

The girl in the shot is dressed like a person that might a student or someone who is into the art or music scene, but the T-shirt is jarringly at odds with such a look. Sure, I bet that an arty type with post modernist leanings, wanting to make an ironical statement might wear such a shirt, but the girl in the photo was also holding a “Hello Kitty” type of clutch.

She is into “cute”

As a piece of visual communication this girl is a walking contradiction. On one hand, there is the darker clothing that is the uniform of the disaffected with the jaded countenance that goes with the look. On the other hand is the cute little logo on the T-shirt that speaks of childlike simplicity and desire to giggle.

It’s interesting to see western culture being interpreted through Asian eyes. Various ideological stances expressed through dress have be reduced to mere fashion that can be mixed and matched. All of which is one of the reasons why I like to travel so I can see how other people live and think.

I was hoping to write this article and edit my Singapore photos on the next leg of the flight which was twelve hours, on the way to Paris but two things got in my way.

Air Singapore provide power in it’s armrests but unfortunately, the distance between the seats in cattle class doesn’t allow one to work on their laptop. The other issue that stopped my effort to get a post out was the fact that the dodgy copy of Photoshop I put on the laptop didn’t have the camera RAW plug-in and I couldn’t open my shots.

The flight started off on Friday morning and finished on Saturday morning. Twenty four hours of flying with a five hour gap in the middle.

What a grind! No wonder comedians always harp on about flying, it’s a drag.

On arrival in Paris we went straight to our hotel near the airport, checked in, had a shower and went into the city.

More about that in my next post.

8 thoughts on “Ideological stance or ironical post modern fashion statement? Singapore. 2009”

  1. O, yea!!! You posted Miss Kitty badass and My Paris trip is about to begin. Are you not going to be able too open your Raw photos?? Oh, no. FYI: I stopped two strangers in the streets of NYC and told them they looked fabulous and asked if I could take their photo!!!! Just following Professor Buffnik’s advice. My cousin Mary was not pleased, though!!

  2. Glad you’ve landed safely and have begun the difficult task of exploring Paris! Fascinating observations about the styled out Asian young people. I notice she’s giving you that pouty down-the-nose “look” too.

  3. Pat

    I’ve bought Phoyoshpop’s dumb cousin (Elements) to open up my RAW files. Trouble is that the version I bought is in French!

    Oh well, life wasn’t meant to be easy. I’ll just have to harden the fuck up!

    My next post is about photographing strangers.


    I’ll be posting stuff about Paris soon. We only spent two days there but we will spend another two days on the way back. We’re currently in Goes (Zealand) in the Nertherlands. I’ve taken so many photos already and the only trouble is finding the time to post.

  4. Glad to hear you landed safe and sound.
    “Cutie culture” has a bit of an edge in Singapore from the photo: I think Japan still leads the pack in that stuff though. I could be wrong; I usually am.
    Have fun in Old Zealand!

    Awaiting updates with baited breath … or just eating sushi … or something.

  5. Planetross

    The Japanese are at least a lot more colourful. I did a post a while back about cos-play.

    Funny you should mention old Zealand, as my wife and I were talking about that as we were driving through the landscape. It’s ironic how different New Zealand is from old Zealand.

  6. Very considerate of you to take us on your three month journey.

    That affectation of youth with ‘tude has infiltrated every culture. The desire to emulate the west is unfortunate.

  7. I never went that much on Singapore. Never been to Thailand but I loved Hong Kong.
    As far as cuteness goes we have our little Dixie Doodle the Wonder Poodle,

  8. Bonnie

    Long time no see. Welcome back and enjoy the trip. I’ve been taking lots of photos and my next post is about how Belgians interact with the beach.


    There quite a few Asians that would also love your little Dixie Doodle but for different reason to you.

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