6 thoughts on “Sometimes you just can’t buy a good time. Speyer, Germany. 2009”

  1. Pat

    When I first saw the guy with the open shirt, I thought to myself, “there’s a guy who knows how to relax wherever he is”. Then as I looked a little more carefully, I noticed how glum everyone looked.

  2. Unless I’ve totally disengaged with my sisters on this planet, I believe that your first thought upon viewing your um..”relaxed” guy wasn’t Engogirl’s first thought!! Ask her and report back.

  3. Not only is that chap glum with exposed whale flesh, he also has something resembling a large tub of ice cream in front of him, untouched. With a tub of ice cream like that, I’d be smiling and/or eating, not sitting there like a glum bum.

  4. Donald

    I’m sure the guy couldn’t care less. I think that Speyer is one of those over hyped places that leads to disappointment.


    Engogirl didn’t even notice him. I’m the one on the look out for things that are bit out of kilter.


    For some people, life is a crap sandwich and every day is just another bite.

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