Shopping for food in Ljubljana is a pleasure. Slovenia. 2009

Engogirl and I have been taking a bit of a break from our travels by staying with some Slovene friends, Robert and Marjeta in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Marjeta told us that now is right in the middle of mushroom season and that porcini mushrooms were available. In Australia, it’s impossible to get fresh porcinis so the idea of getting my hands on some fresh porcinis got me all excited to do some cooking.

Robert had shown us on our first night in Ljubljana where the fresh vegetable and mushroom market was and in the morning Engogirl and I went and did some food shopping. I have to say that I was really impressed with the quality and variety of the produce.

I bought a celeriac to make some soup; the ingredients to make a porcini risotto and arugula, baby spinach, pear, walnut and parmesan salad.

The selection of mushrooms was also much wider than we get at home and there were plenty of mushrooms I’d never seen before.

Everything I bought tasted better than at home and it was really nice to be able to cook something up for our hosts.

I could get used to living in Ljubljana as it’s so lovely. The people are great and the city is so beautiful with such a lively vibe. I find it surprising that I’ve heard so little about Slovenia, considering it’s such a nice place. I guess I should be thankful that I’m here before it is “discovered”.

11 thoughts on “Shopping for food in Ljubljana is a pleasure. Slovenia. 2009”

  1. Oh, now, we’re talkiing….porcini risotto! That market looks wonderful and I bet your hosts are going to suspend my mother’s dictum of “fish and guests stink after three days” with cooking like this!!

  2. Pat, yes, I can officially confirm, they are indeed good guests; they buy vegetables and vine and everything and then cook for you, they clean after themselves, they don’t make noise at all, they behave in a civilized manner (something one may not automatically expect from Razz… 😉 ), they teach one kid about photography, discuss the depths of War of the Warcraft gaming with the other and entertain the third one with travelling stories, they bring little chocolates to your office to cheer you up when you are dead tired… I highly recommend Razz and Engogirl as guests, people… 😉

  3. Thanks for the review, Robert, of the charms of your houseguests! I am not surprised! (Although I would keep the batteries on your smoke detectors fresh) I think Razz’s travel stories could be made into a video game! What shall we call it? After more good cooking and wine, could you consider this, please? All the Dumb Things won’t work for the teen crowd so I think we have to dig a bit deeper into naming.

    Thanks for your five star review!

  4. It’s always nice to know someone … living … in a place.

    Staying with someone living in a destination makes a nice holiday from a holiday. … usually laundry service is cheaper too!

  5. Pat

    I have to be honest here, when Marietta mentioned that porcinis were in season I just HAD to cook dinner I tellya!


    Thanks you old smoothie!


    Spoken like a true traveller and I’m sure Robert knows exactly what a welcome thing he has done for us.

  6. This is where the blogosphere is so wonderful. It introduces us to likeminded folk around the planet whom we’d never otherwise have had the opportunity to meet. So pleased you’re all enjoying each other’s company. As for those mushrooms – I do love a bit of good fungus…

  7. That market is so colorful, I can almost taste it! And the mushrooms! What could be better? The opportunity to be there with someone who lives there is such a a great thing. Just compare your experience of buying the food and cooking that meal, with what it would have been to just snap those photos and return to the hotel. It makes it more real — for us too! Thanks, razz.

  8. Epic

    Sorry about not answering for so long, but I’ve been a bit distracted…..

    I still hope we can meet up in Paris.


    Staying with Robert and Marjeta was soooo much better than in a hotel. Their company was great but being able to cook a meal and share it made the experience so much richer.

  9. AND you were right about the Amanita muscaria!!! (The red poisonous mushroom with the spots). I have checked several sources, and while this good-looking mushroom does cause all sorts of problems – it seems it is not lethal (contrary to what I had been told all my life!).

  10. Marjeta

    It always happens that one has the time to do things when one won’t get optimum results. Oh well at least chestnuts are just ready to be picked up. I can’t believe people actually buy them here in Europe when they are just everywhere for nothing. In Lisbon they were selling for 20 Euros a kilo (cooked!).

    It’s funny that when I was in Ljubljana I thought that the 15 euros a kilo that was being asked for porcinis was a bit expensive but in Italy near Genova they were selling for 60 Euros a kilo!

    The Amanita muscaria is a very interesting mushroom culturally. I looked up the the amateur mushroom expert that I was referring to in our discussion about the mushroom, his name is Robert Gordon Wasson.

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